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A few thoughts for Friday

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Hi everyone,

It was a bit of a shock to find it's Friday again, but on the other hand we are all coping with the news that lockdown is going to with with us for at least three weeks more, (and realistically, much longer too, in one form or another). So I know that it can make time seem to drag, for some of us.

I do hope everyone's coping OK with that thought. For those of you who have absolute care of another human being I'm sure it can be extra daunting and exhausting. Do let someone else know if you are struggling. Sometimes it helps just to let off steam, even though there's nothing we can do to change our situation practically.

This week I was so relieved that my own sister has resolved her shopping issues. She's suddenly found herself unable to leave my brother-in-law alone at home safely, to go and shop and was finding it so difficult to get online slots for deliveries.

That seems to be easing a bit now, and I believe that more people who can, are opting to go and shop themselves to relieve boredom. And she's also had some help from her local Co-op.

I've already mentioned it in my quote for today but last night was really moving, when much of the local shipping sounded their horns in praise of all our support workers and the NHS at 8pm. Are any of you managing to join in the applause. Ours seems to get lost on the wind, living two floors up but we try!

I really hope that none of you has been affected by the clearly quite serious situation there has been in many of our Care Homes with lack of protection and high infection rates. It must be a huge worry for anyone with loved ones in Homes, and I'm thinking of all you.

Please have a safe weekend and be as happy as you can. Take care.πŸ™πŸ˜ŠπŸŒˆ

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Thank you for your lovely post. Always very kind and thoughtful. I do wonder how many cope with the lockdown. Those who care 24/7 for others, those in abusive relationships and those alone. My heart goes out to them all.

We are coping well and went outside to clap for the NHS and Carers, everyone in a care/nursing homes and all who have to work to help keep us safe. Well done all, you have my admiration.

Wishing you and everyone a good weekend. Stay safe and well. Xxxx🌈😘

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Hi sassy59, thank you too. Hope your Sunday is going well, and I join with you in thinking of all who are struggling with isolation in especially difficult circumstances.

Have a happy day 🌈 xx

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All good here thank you and enjoying the sunshine. Xxx

Yes, I am managing to clap at our front door along with a few neighbours. The Town Crier lives across the road so comes out with her bell to rally us all. Last night I could hear noise from the small fire station around the corner. Lovely and encouraging to all those who are doing such a sterling job of care at this difficult time.

Karen x

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Hey Karen, that's amazing good fortune to have the Town Crier lead your NHS tribute! I think the cause is growing and that's really lovely because the more noise we manage to make the more others will join in, I'm sure! Hope you have a good day today. 🌈

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Thank you. I hope you do too. Lovely and sunny here.


A lovely post . I'm trying to be positive -it is driving me a little stir crazy - Whats keeping me going only just is my embroidery & my colouring books & also watching some past funny programmes I recorded on my sky planner- funny countdowns (britain's favourite crisps for example)

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Thanks Sara_2611,

It is a challenge to be positive sometimes and I must say I can't even think about how long this will possibly last. I just get up each morning and set course for getting to the end of it. Sometimes with better success than others! Embroidery and colouring are both great though because they are absorbing. And like you I'm having to rely a lot on some past programming on TV as there's not an awful lot to choose from in the current selection.

Have a happy day. 🌈

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I taped a lot of funny programmes way way before this all started -so some of the past shows have been on my planner for about 3 years or so - ones that when i first watched them they were funny & even though im watching them more than once i still find them funny . unfortunately Ive just heard that uk is till in 4th week of lockdown which is very depressing- I agree with you it is hard to be positive -its inhuman & bizzare & insane & just down right out of order to separate us all fom our families - this particular aspect is the cause of us going stir crazy - I look on YT for some past concerts Ive seen some recent & some going back to the 80s to keep me entertained because the 80s concerts Ive booked have now been cancelled. I miss my horseriding like mad & finding it a bit too much for me to have to cancel it until the lockdown has either been lifted for good or lifted to a point where I can continue it

When the weather is hot I sneak out for a bike ride -just down the road & back because thats all my lungs can take (I have limited breathing due to ILD (interstitial lung disease)

Although Im used to being on my own because I live alone but to be honest what is driving me crazy is not being able to go riding - & now & again going to my mum & dads for lunch

That sounds like a pretty good day really.

Our county is considering opening up open spaces in the near future but keeping the rest of restrictions in place.

Here in California due to our early shutdown things aren’t looking as bad as other areas. Still, we have 27,000 cases, 3900 in hospital, 2000 in ICU. We are not even close to overwhelming the medical system, and our curve is flattening.

It’s still bad enough. The states that didn’t shutdown are starting to spike in cases. They keep saying things are going well.

The ideology in different states vary a good bit.

If the parks and beaches open we can go fishing again which will be nice.

I agree, we are in this for the long haul.

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Yes daveh121, I think all countries are going to have to proceed with great caution when wanting to try to give us back some freedoms. It is quite a good idea to start with big open spaces first, but I do think that it will cause a big rush of people to use them, which could become a danger as a result. But at some point we have to try. I find it is often only a version of the truth which each of us receives from official sources!

That will be wonderful for you if you can be allowed to go out and find a quiet spot for some fishing. You'll appreciate it so much! Very best wishes. 🌈

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