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Hi Guys

just to let you know that sadly I've lost my dad recently which is why I haven't been around. I hope that folks are ok and not having problems as a result of Covid and all it's variations.

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Hi lell1,

Sorry to hear about your dad. May he Rest In Peace and if you want to talk anytime, we’ll be here to help and listen.

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lell1 in reply to Activity2004

Thanx activity2004, all a bit of a rollercoaster and atm

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Oh lell1, I am so sorry to hear. Sending you warmest best wishes at this really sad time for you. I know how devoted you were to your dad's care and wellbeing and Sassy59 has said it all so well, already. Remember we are here for you whenever you feel you need a little support. 🙏

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lell1 in reply to Callendersgal

thanx callendersgal. I miss him so much as it was just the 2 of us. I have so much anger towards the NHS and I'm trying to let that diminish before I voice my concerns to them.

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CallendersgalAdministrator in reply to lell1

It's really hard to be left with that resentment lell1. I hope you'll find a time and place to act on your concerns when you feel enough in control to put your case forward effectively. You must be feeling so lonely and low now. Maybe give yourself a little more time to get past that first wave of your grief before deciding how to tackle things. Again, sending warmest best wishes, and please remember we are here for you whenever you need.

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Catgirl1976 in reply to lell1

Best thing to do is to wait until you have calmed down then you can deal with the nhs more rationally!

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Hi lell1,

So sorry to hear your sad news. We’re here for you if you want to talk.

Thinking of you at this difficult time. Xxx

i am saddened to read about your Dad,and now to be living alone is terribly difficult and takes a lot of getting used to,as i know only to well.But do take care of you and i wish you well.

My sympathy to you on the death of your beloved father. He is in a better place now. You are not in a good place at the moment, with your grief and your loss. Please be kind to yourself. You are sensible to take your time in making a complaint. That way, you will be able to make it without being hampered by other emotions. It is not easy, loss of a loved one never is. My sympathy and best wishes to you.

So so sorry that your Dad has passed away. A difficult time ahead. Please take one day at a time and look after yourself as grief is really draining. I know from personal experience. I'm sending a gentle hug your way right now.

Thinking of you at this time, give yourself time to grieve, sending love and hugs x

I am sorry for your loss dear, its a terrible time when you loose parent. May you Father R.I.P.⚘ Condolences to you and the family. X

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