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Swamped with form filling


My son-in-law downloaded all the forms for enduring Power of Attorney, I am overwhelmed by them all especially as i have fill them out for my husband as well. I would gladly pay a Solicitor to do all work for me,it would be worth every penny just to get them off my mind. Has anyone on this site done this ? I am told that a Solicitor usually prefers the paperwork to be done by the client. Is this true I wonder ? Polly X

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I used a solicitor but it was a few years ago so things may well be a bit different now. It involved one visit to her offices and she did all the paperwork. I have a copy which I've used several times to deal with my mum's affairs. I think it cost a few hundred pounds but I consider it money well spent as everything was right first time and I've never had any problems. Good luck. x

Polly4acre in reply to Hidden

Thank you for you reply, it helped me to decide. Polly X


Hi Polly, Pete has LPA’s for his mum (welfare and financial) and had them done by a Solicitir. I think that’s the best thing to do.

Contact CAB and see what they say. Good luck. Xxxx

Polly4acre in reply to sassy59

Thanks Sassy59.I will let someone else take the strain. My husband is quite deaf and I cannot keep repeating everything a dozen times. COPD takes all my breath. Great idea! Polly X

Hi Polly, I agree with the two replies that you have had so far, that either try CAB (Citizens Advice Bureau) citizensadvice.org.uk/ or use a solicitor, who understands the intricacies of UK law etc. Legal paper work and jargon can be a bit mind boggling.

Keep us in touch, let us know how you get on, and pass on any tips you find out that might benefit other folks here.

Best wishes.

Polly4acre in reply to MAS_Nurse

How great that people like you take the trouble to reply. I would be lost without HUL ! Polly X

Polly4acre in reply to MAS_Nurse

A former Solicitor has replied offering help with POA forms .Very kind, but there is a scale of charges. Would you consider this to be advertising ? Polly X

Polly4acre in reply to MAS_Nurse

We made an appointment to see a Solicitor yesterday. He talked us through the while process of Lasting Power of Attorney in a basic easy to understand way. We were both really pleased that we had started the ball rolling, especially as he told us, registration can now take as long as 12 weeks, there is only one office in the country where this can take place. He told us that the paperwork can be done at home but that only one mistake means that the registration fees x 4 would need to be paid upfront and would not be returned. The total amount payable was about what we had expected but that if individual annual income was less than £12.000 there would be a reduction, and dependant upon receiving benefits, there could be very little or no charge. Annual income would be assessed as individuals and not as a couple. This was good news for us. There are rules put in place for those acting for us and overseen largely by a legal body. Forms yet to fill in and proof of income to be sent but on the whole less pain free as I would have envisaged. Will let you know how it goes along. Polly x

Hi I've just tried your link but it comes up not found?? I too need to do LPA but I know that the forms are daunting for us mere mortals!


If your solicitor wants you do the form filling find another solicitor. It's their job to do this. It's what you pay them for.

Don't forget there are two parts to the Power of Attorney . One for finance. One for health and welfare. Also, f two people are named as being responsible make sure that either can sign when needed. If both have to sign there may be problems if one is not available at the time needed. Your solicitor should bring these and other points to you attention.

Good luck



Hi Polly4acre,

Have you thought of a half way house and asking your nearest Citizens Advice Bureau for help? They are very useful for help with daunting forms of any kind and it might save you the expense of using a solicitor. If it comes to it though, I am sure that while it's quite right that you should complete the paperwork yourself, any solicitor would be able to explain clearly what's needed and translate the 'legalese' for you.

Do it NOW and don't waste time, I was to mean to do it years ago, now my husband has dementia, and he can no longer get POA, I have got the forms for deputy power of Attorney, and they are awesome, I have spoken to a solicitor, who says it will take about a year to compete as it is so complicated, and it will not be a few hundred, but into several thousand pounds. So get on with it sooner rather than later, wish I had.

Polly4acre in reply to BRIAN1925

Bless you for your reply. So sorry you had such a worrying and expensive time sorting out your deputy power. I went right on the telephone and chose the firm of Solicitors that dealt with our mirror wills. I was put through to the person who is experienced with POA and he outlined everything that would take place, gave the approximate costs and some of the things that could arise to our advantage, i.e certain benefits etc,. I am so grateful that you posted ! I will make an appointment for us to see him after my Husband gets his other hearing aid and before he has driven me to dementia myself. We don't keep a car now, can't holiday or eat out. Clothes are what we wear mostly to stay at home in, our gardener and cleaning lady are not madly expensive, the six weekly hair trim and toe nail trim at home are not over the top. Spending money on lasting Power of Attorney would mean that the money will be there for it. What better way to spend It? With all the health problems I never considered myself fortunate, at this moment though, I really do. Love and love,Polly X

Hi I had to get power of attorney for my wife and I. The solicitor done it for us with ease albeit was expensive. Get a solicitor and ease the burden on yourself. I am sure if will go well.

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