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A light which had been extinquished is flickering again.

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Today I had friends here from USA and i really was in two minds whether i could cope with it,mainly because my usual get and and go had all but forsaken me,i just wanted to dwell in my misery.

My friends arrived ,along with a few more friends,and we laughed and joked,and yes we did partake of wine,and oddly i seemed to regain my reason for living,something i never expected to happen,plus my home lends itself to people,it becomes a happy house when people are around.

Without dwelling on the subject i have been to hell the past 2 years,and it had reduced me to a wreck.But now i see my old self emerging as i have always been a people person.

I just hope my recovery continues.

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That's great to hear things are looking up for you and the dogs!

thanks so much.x

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How wonderful secrets. So pleased you’ve found yourself again and enjoyed being with your friends. Wishing you a continued recovery. Xxx💜🤗

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secrets22 in reply to sassy59

thank you so much for your words of kindness.xx

So pleased you enjoyed seeing your friends, wishing you many more days filled with contented hours like today

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secrets22 in reply to Jennymary

thank you so much.

Amazing once you get together with those who love you

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That's lovely and I'm so pleased it's worked out that way secrets22!

Hi Sue and Roddy yes this is the lucky break we have been waiting for for you, you always perk up a bit when you've had company, this is what you need a house full I totally relate to what you say and noticed as on moving back to my house which had still has a fear of dread when I walk in and am in some of the rooms not feeling like it's my home anymore, but noticed a few times as it's only been a few when I have had visitors other than my mam this summer in the garden which is always nice and her helping me with some horrible job and you know about them, on my birthday my mam n sister came round and it was the first time that there was more than just me n mam there and I could hear chatting and laughing as I came back in to the living room it seemed different to the silent sombre room I walked into with memories of my visits before I moved back, my mam has said many times it's not the house I need company a boyfriend a job social life, It seems my prayers were answered for you when I looked at the full moon past 3 days,I hope you saw it sue, and fate has a way of sorting things out, and I'm sure your arm pain was eased during your laughter, I remember you saying you sometimes don't talk to a soul for 3 days, you must continue having a full house and the saying comes to mind home is where the heart is, my mams house feels like my home after living there 2 years, her house was filled with laughter yesterday as her great granddaughter came for tea which I cooked i don't enjoy or bother cooking for myself hardly since I moved back and if course I can't as my kitchens still in the b and q warehouse lol 😂take care and I'll look forward to your up date on the visit I hope they are staying a while, and grief has to take its course and your funny remark on face book you mentioned which made so many laugh the other day I could see you are getting there, your so strong to have gone through grief totally on your own through this pandemic and lockdown your amazing and your David will be so happy for you now as he watches over you, sending a big hug from me and pixie 🤗😺💐🌈🌟

thats so lovely Mandy and thank you.x

And thank you for been my friend all this time and putting up with long babbles with no comas in lol,,I'm working on that,😁 it came up a message you put on 2 years ago on your new life without David, I remember seeing a heart wrenching post off you last June after my dad died so of course grief was raw with me and drew me to you I think it's easier to understand when your feeling similar too, and yours and dons posts inspired me to post love never dies on PWB I remember the response so many replied with there stories of feeling a prescense from there loved ones I meant to put this on my phone camera won't take the moon without a glare on it was such a site on Monday at its fullest it lasts 3 days ,take care catch up later I got my flat pack done only took a hour lol the instructions weren't very understandable so we pretty much guessed lol 😁🙋xx here's the bright moon for you so bright the light at the end of the dark 2 year tunnel you now reached in astrological terms things come to ahead or fruition at full moons 🤗🌝


Mandy i appreciate you as a good friend.xx

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CallendersgalAdministrator in reply to HappySwimmer

Well said Mandy!

Such good news to start my day off with! Finally, a light at the end of your tunnel. 🥳

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secrets22 in reply to Isinatra

thank you so much.

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