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Feeling like a sad broken down crock.

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I wont labour the problem to much but since having the most awful fall,breaking my shoulder mightily,i have never ever experienced pain like it.The pills from the doctor and the sling the hospital provided has not relieved the pain at all,so i have bought all kinds of potions and pills ,and sling devices from the blessed 'Amazon' that i'm sure the postman thinks i'm opening a shop.But i do wonder how many of their revues are genuine,because so far nothing is helping despite reading such glowing revues.

Getting dressed and doing the most menial tasks is an art in itself,and i'm sure i could get a job in the circus as a contortionist.''The one armed man' has to be seen to be believed.

Initially it was taking me 90 minutes to even get out of bed,grabbing at anything which seemed secure enough,but with each slight move,the pain was unbearable,and consequently i would flop back onto the bed before trying again.

However its all a wee bit easier now but the pain never subsides,and even opening a can of dog food takes a bit of thought.

Oh sorry....but i did labour on a bit.

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You're entitled to labour on as you have been through a lot lately.

Hope the dogs are well.

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So sorry to hear you’re still in pain secrets and hope you get some relief soon. I don’t think all the reviews on Amazon are genuine but you feel you need to try and get some relief.

Wishing you better days ahead. Xxx👍

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Hi secrets22, so sorry you are enduring this. Please be very kind to yourself. The shoulder joint is one of the body's most complex and can take a while to heal. So don't take chances and set yourself back. Thinking of you and wishing you the fastest recovery possible. x

Bless you Roddy no I wouldn't trust Amazon meds, as I mentioned distraction of your mind I guess is the only repreave and try get some company round easy meals and comfort foods with your lack of sleep you will eventually sleep so lye down when your tired at moment forget sleep routine you just need to get some, take care catch up soon 🤗💐xxx

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For you sorry can't give you in person this is a arrangement mam did of false ones but they look real hope you will imagine I am giving you these in person but are real of course I'd bring you real flowers 🤗💐xxx


So sorry you are in so much pain. I hope that you are being kind to yourself and not trying to do too much. Wishing you a speedy recovery. 💕

thank you all for your kindness and caring.x

As others have said be kind to yourself, hope your shoulder gets easier as time goes on, sending best wishes x

Hello there sorry to hear of your mishap resulting in a broken shoulder. I appreciate how it feels as I have broken my shoulder or upper humerous three times. Its amazing how incapacitated it makes you and I am told other parts of the shoulder can be more painful. You don't say how long since you broke it at first its very painful but by around six weeks its only when you do exercises. BUt it generally takes a long time for this type of break to get better and you get full movemenmt back. But dont rush it , if you have bruising that takes months to fade also. Can you get someone to put a chair or stool near your bed to help you get out. I have a bed rail which you can buy on amazon or sometimes borrow from occupational health or disability aids department of your council. The first time I did it I slept in the chair for a few nights. Do take care but remember exercises are important once they give you the go ahead, to enable you to get correct movements back. Pendular are usually first which is an easy one but not in the begining. I do hope your pain reduces soon, a stronger pain killer is often needed with shoulder pain. I found I could not use the computer or write ect for over a month. So will understand you not replying to the posts . Look after yourself and good luck with your recovery. Hope someone can help with the dogs too. xx

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secrets22 in reply to katieoxo60

thankyou so much my friend,so you to know whats its like to be incompacitated,..it truly is hell.My break was 10 days ago and nothing relieves the pain.i do have a number of grab rails in situ which were installed for my late husband,and my goodness they have been such a help.

i do have massive bruising,and i am finding everything a nightmare,and for someone who has always done everything quick time,i find this hindrance more than most.xx

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katieoxo60 in reply to secrets22

Ten days is not long , just long enough for all the bruising to come out. Mine was bruised from just below the elbow upto the shoulder. . and the movement was so limited. Things like reaching out are impossible. , picking things up, I survived on chocolate bars in the fridge for the first few weeks. Got my daughter to fill up with things like soft fruit, chocs, biscuits, anything you can just hold in your hand to eat. Straws to drink from cups . Its like an whole new life style. This year I have had the pleasure of total immobility from Knee replacement & broken foot. Still on crutches. When its all over for me I still remain disabled has I have multi joint arthritis & lung disease just to name two problems. Stay safe , take things slowly and look forward to when you are better . Oh I forgot I took tramadol in larger dose during my shoulder break but thats upto your GP. Oromorph is another one it helps you sleep through the pain too . Oh I am a widow too , so live alone which makes it much harder when incapacitated, I can appreciate how you feel that way to some degree also. Do take care , things can always be done when you are better. Stay safe.

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secrets22 in reply to katieoxo60

Ouch,oh my goodness,what a terrible time you've had,and it is so debilitating ,and one feels so helpless and useless.I am on Zapain 30mg/500mg and i have just requested a higher dose as its just not relieving the pain.Oh,and me too living off chocolate,but have managed to do stir fry and omelettes ,but its all a bit tricky.x

I'm sorry you are feeling like this I Myself find it hard to do things each day but I get through knowing there are a lot worse people in the world worse than me.

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secrets22 in reply to Byron2020

and of course i acknowledge that there are people worse off than me,but being in excruciating pain day and night is weakening beyond measure.

Well perhaps there are others worse off but that doesn't change your situation does it?

no,it never does my friend.x

I understand fully what you are saying I live with chronic pain and it isn't nice at all but you like me have little choice other than medication but on here people will listen to you and try and help if they can . Good luck on your journey.

Unfortunately broken bones take a while to heal,shoulder injuries are notoriously painful.You need to be patient with yourself. Have you got ant loose clothing you could use for now.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t look smart for now.

Make sure you take your pain killers regularly .

Take care

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secrets22 in reply to Oshgosh

yes wearing loose clothes..it helps..thankyou.x

Sorry to hear this Roddy.I would just stay in something light weight and loose. Maybe dog food in pouches.?

Order a few take away delivery meals.

Sleep as much as you can.

I remember having a series of kidney stones. Pain is no fun. X

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secrets22 in reply to Lynd

thank you my friend x

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