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Help with costs of travelling


My brother is mentally disabled and since my mum died over ten years ago I have taken over looking after him. He is quite independent but I still have to travel over 10 miles from my home to his at least twice a week involving 2 buses and a tram. I work 23 hours a week and am in my sixties I am struggling with the costs of travelling. Is there any help with them that I am entitled to?

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Hi mamajo, it’s quite a minefield but I would try or even websites.

Hope you can get the help you need. Xxx

Hi, citizens advice or age uk are also very helpful. You are doing such an important job and you should be getting help with this.

You are entitled to buspass now I got mine when I was 60

MAS_Nurse in reply to Vonnieruth

Unfortunately, in England we don't get a bus pass until State Retirement age i.e. 65 years, unlike in Scotland and Wales it is given at 60. I'm not sure about N.I.

MAS Nurse

Vonnieruth in reply to MAS_Nurse

I'm 62 and got mine at 60

Vonnieruth in reply to MAS_Nurse

It swaps to another type at 65 which allows pass all over England free

Apply for a bus pass

Hi. A bus pass is free and available to over 60s x

Kittie103 in reply to cameoboy11

Not where I live, I have to wait until I'm 65, it is one of my biggest bugbears.

Hi mamajo,

It is a worry isn't it trying to care for a loved one long distance. We have a similar problem in our family. The advice you have been given by the community is good and worth exploring. The free bus pass in the UK does depend on which country you live in as there are different rules for each. London only has different rules too. Here is a link to the Government website for more information. Do speak to the Citizen's Advice Bureau too, as they give free, impartial advice.

Let us know how you get on.

Best Wishes,

MAS Nurse


Hi, your travelling costs may be available thro' Ministry of Work & Pensions, try to contact them and their information is up to the minute. Otherwise try your local Palliative care team for some guidance, after that you may have the citizens advice for info.


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