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Nasty Infection Swelling SIMPLY Alzheimer’s Dementia BALANITIs


Dad’s got nasty infection swelling of is private parts simply put like kids Male babies suffer from but a adult Alzheimer’s Dementia form.

Now I thought carers had it coverd when washing dad clearly not SO I phone GP he says it’s like I say or Balanitis and prescribed antibiotics SO washed as usual AND still not cleared up SO get doctor out he takes swab and more antibiotics SO I ring district nurse and end up arguing with them AS I was told dad had dedicated district nurse only to be told doctor would have to re refer dad to them.

Anyway that was that THEY got both barrels SO I end up talking to nurse about dad’s infection and what to do AND she says it’s GP or Carers job SO I say it’s infected needs looking at as carers are not doctors

Anyway she said it’s not our job TO do out like that SO I said your a nurse arnt you CLEARLY if have Alzheimer’s Dementia and have private parts that get infected DONT expect nurse to do anything.

Clearly am not impressed at how infections of private parts are noting to do with them nor could advise me on what to do.

Good job internet is more inclusive and at Have ... so be seeing social worker about how why district nurse have washed there hands of someone in receipt of palative care and terminal

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Your poor dad, that sounds awful. I sincerely hope someone helps him soon instead of passing the buck.

Please let us know how things turn out. Take care xxxx

Hidden in reply to sassy59

Am shocked really know one told me about issues around constant pad use and infection risk APPARENTLY babies especially Male ones suffer such things

Unlike Alzheimer’s Dementia suffers bed bound they can’t run round like babies and kick them off.

As to district nurse am shocked would not come out AND discharged dad SOMEONE who is in receipt of palative care and terminal THAT really hurt

And am sure dad’s social worker will be.shocked too.

Guess that’s why nhs is in mess IF Nurse’s think infection prevention best practice as nothing to do with them.

So am going to phone Quality Care Commission as I was told by nurses if ever problem just give them a call AND when I do this problem.

Also I was told with dad being on palative care would NOT be abandoned denied treatment.

sassy59Ambassador in reply to Hidden

I had not heard of it before and hope your dad does get the help he needs. Take care of you too. Xxxxx

Hi Jeff, sorry you have to suffer this lack of caring treatment for your dad, you could contact your local mind charity but feel you may get a similar answer. Its very difficult to not blast off but we have to try to stay calm. Its just as bad when its your own treatment , I get so frustrated but the doctor should listen even if we are upset we are entitled to express our feelings about poor care. Only patients can say or their carers as they are on the receiving end. I saw a play done at my local theatre about end of life care it was so realistic and it seems the fact is some get very good care and some get very poor care mainly those with mental health issues. I feel like you that all care should be the same , with extra care in the case of poorly understood mental health issues. Hope your dads problem soon responds to treatment and your care. Look after yourself as you need the strength to care for your dad too x



Yes, Balinitis is a fairly common condition in men and boys and I’m so sorry to hear that your dad is now suffering this on top of all his other problems. It’s such a good job that he has you to make sure he gets the help he needs.

Balinitis can be really painful and unpleasant but thank goodness it’s seldom serious and I hope your dad will improve quickly with the right help.

Our medical services are there to help all, whether that’s with advice, treatment, or both, and you will of course speak up if that help is falling short.

I do hope your dad gets through this quickly.

With every good wish to you both.

OMG JAS, just when i was thinking you'd not posted for a bit and then this. I mean on top of everything else and then as per usual you have to almost fight to get Dad sorted out. Its beyond belief!☹️

You are a resilient chap and you are forever fighting for your Dad. Please do say hello to him from us on HU and let us know how things went with the CCC.

Best regards🐿💕

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