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Fuming 😤 Re End Of Life Community Care.

Well my dad’s been experiencing lot of chocking breathless PHONED gp and he’s response WAS phone ambulance 🚑

No concidaratiin for he Alzheimer’s Dementia being cause OR infection.

Told paramedics DOCTOR could of come out to check dad over.

Anyway right side of dad’s lung not working AND explaines breathless.

I don’t want my dad to suffer so asked paramedics to ask dads doctor could my dad be given something AS it’s not nice for my dad and not nice for us ONLY to be told doctor will get in touch with mental health team.

I can’t understand how being breathless via physical medical issues IS mental health team issue

Clearly something dose not sit right with that SO going to doctors to air my views concerns re dad’s end of like care.

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Medical care for our loved ones coming towards the close of life is absolutely diabolical. They don’t seem to class our elders as worthy of keeping pain free and non suffering

I feel for you Jeff and hope you get something sorted

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Hi Foxlew have seen to much neglect in out hospital’s THINK it’s left bitter taste in mouth really.

Even with me being dad’s advocate it’s been mountain ⛰ on occasion to try get adequate care let alone good care.

How people cope on the own GUESS the not really BUT I know when I complain I try to do my bit and mention others WHO do not have anyone.

Thinking of you JAS and your dear dad and hoping he gets help, poor man.

I suppose they’re talking mental health because of the dementia but to be honest we seem so very far away from understanding dementia and putting in place proper care.

Take care xxxx

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FredaE in reply to sassy59

Have you tried contacting your local hospice? If they are able to take him they know what they are doing with end of life care.It all sounds absolutely dreadful

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Hi sassy seen doctor about how a physical lung medical condition WARRANTS mental health team intervention.

Needless to say doctor could not answer that ... dad’s on palative care now It’s all tad upsetting really but is scared and frightened coz of breathing chocking AND carers can’t do what they need to

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sassy59 in reply to

Very sad JAS. Others have mentioned hospice care, is that a possibility? Xxxx

Sorry I've not got the time this morning as I've a hospital appointment in 1 hour but I agree that maybe it's time to contact your nearest hospice. My lovely mum went into one and the treatment is second to none. I will catch up with your posts later on today but speed is essential now as your poor dad has such a terrible time in hospital.💞

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Hi SquirrelHolt never give hospice a thought AND social workers never mentioned it ... but to be honest dad’s going to end is days at home WORRY pain free I hope

This been mountain’s to climb in way of personal care BUDGETs and discrimination those with Alzheimer’s Dementia face that as finally been resolved.

And that’s only coz I said AM keeping file to give coroner re dad’s poor dementia Alzheimer’s Cancer care


So sorry to learn of this latest development and I can see from your post how worried and frustrated you are. I think FredaE is probably absolutely right that your best course of action would now be to try to get dad into a hospice. And that's because they have expert help on hand 24/7, so that you aren't left feeling your dad has been short-changed.

It's not an admission of failing to care for your loved one to take this decision. It's only that, whilst all medical services are stretched to breaking now, in a hospice you can feel more confidence that there is a dedicated team who will help him through every stage of this difficult point in his life. And you can spend as much time there with him as you wish.

I do hope you manage to get an effective resolution and send you both my heartfelt best wishes.

My dad didn't die pain-free with the Anticipatory Medication that was prescribed for him, despite me repeating that I wanted him to be comfortable. Beware as hospital EOL care seems to be chaotic in a lot of places.


Hello Jeff sorry to hear yours & your fathers needs are not being met, good un you to go and give the doctor what for. With dementia often the end in respect of breathing can be quite distressing , maxmillan nurses can help you get things from your GP to make your father more comfortable in his hour of need and that will also stop your suffering. There are drugs to help the cough reflex and calm it down. The communnity nurses for dementia can request many things much quicker than you can get them, so do take on board their help if only to lighten your burden. Always Thinking of you , take care.

oh goodness,i had the same,my partner was finding it difficult to breath and his breating was very laboured and I did phone the ambulance service and they took him off the WSM hospital ,within 3 days I was told he was fit and must come home,no way was he fit to come home,he has vascular dementia and is totally bedbound and I have to hand feed him.However he is home and is in a dreadful condition and I wrote our GP expressing my concerns in no uncertain terms,this was 10 days ago and I have heard nothing,not a phone call or a call from district nurses,and I feel we are being neglected,but however my partner is now end of life and I will continue single handedly.It is a disgrace.

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