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What Constitutes Hypertensive Emergency 🚨 In Alzheimer’s Dementia Parient


Well my dad’s Alzheimer’s Dementia seem to be taking it’s tool.

For the first time my dad could not recognise me EVEN tho was briefly is still the pits.

Anyway last few days dad’s not been well NOUT new there Heat HOT sweats OR Heart.

Like he could tell me ANYWAY I did trace myself AND looked like issues with absent irguler P Waves.

So have been monotoring my dad hope for brake in weather BUT just sun sun and more sun.

Other night my dad asked me why is Spider-Man bouncing round living room GOSH where he get that from lol.

Anyway once I put spider man to bed devices to do dad’s bp as seemed more confused complaining of headaches.

He’s BP systolic 166 other 80 with pulse of 70.

So to lower bp QUICK fixes (1) go toilet 🚽 (2) drink water.

Needless to say not really worked AND dad’s not had stroke SO am thinking advancing Alzheimer’s Dementia.

Now am looking into this hypertensive emergency 🚨 stuff and thinking IN Alzheimer’s Dementia patients hypertension must effect them differently as most have vascular disease.

Anyway am going to show the not really intrested doctors dad’s ecg trace and talk about he’s blood pressure.

O and I nearly forgot can do district nurse carry out home ecg test

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Thinking of you and your dear dad JAS and hoping for cooler weather which doesn’t help anyone who’s poorly anyway.

Take care xxxx

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Hi sassy he still not well keeps going to walk backwards BUT is bp as resolved to normal levels WELL

For now.

But are right weather heat defo not good.

Hi JeffAjaxSmith, I am sorry to hear your dad is unwell. The heat is probably making him feel uncomfortable. Do you have a fan available to help him feel cool? Is he still drinking fluids, as this will also help? There is some helpful information on Alzheimer's Society website regarding high blood pressure and dementia alzheimer.org.uk

I don't know if your dad is taking prescribed medication to treat his high blood pressure, but his GP would be able to prescribe this, or review the medication he is currently taking. As you have posted, do mention your concerns to your dad's GP. Also, some GP practices do carry out ECG recordings in patient's homes, so please check this with the surgery. I hope your dad will soon be feeling better. Please stay on the forum and let us know how he is doing. Are any members able to help JeffAjaxSmith, please? Thank you and best wishes.

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Hi Mas_Nurse Cheers yer been trying to get him to drink more and do have fan IS bp as resolved it’s self for now BUT am sure that Heart P Wave stuff is behind is issues.

Have been doing some research of my own AND the off same conclusion EXPECT they put it nicer saying pathology is quite unknown but I did wonder WHY my ecg said Heart rythen was regular.

Quite interesting and grim really ANYWAY district Nurse is out tomoz so will ask her about doing home ecg.

Thanks for comment information


Hi JeffAjaxSmith,

I see you've had some great input from MAS_Nurse and nothing I could add to that, but I just wanted to send you good wishes and to say that I can see you are somehow managing to maintain a sense of humour through all of this. I think that when you can do that, it's a real help for both of you. Hope your dad's feeling better soon and that some cooler weather will bring him relief soon.

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