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Poor District Nurse Care In The Community REPORTED To Quality Care Commission Following DADs Re Hospital Admission

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Well dad’s back in hospital after week of care in community monitoring by district nurses.

Dad WAS Re Admitted to Hospital following blood test AFTER district nurses failed to spot leg ulcer that was left UNTREATED for four days with dirty dressing on THAT me and dad’s social worker tried getting them out to redress legs feet to no avail.

Dad was taken in deleloures in chronic pain when we tried moving him.

Hospital said he had serious AKI raging leg infection from un treated leg ulcer’s and heart failure.

Needless to say AM not happy as I think dad was suffering sepsis TAD short of shock ... sad part is dad’s done nothing to deserve such shocking neglect EVEN ambulance people was a joke in way they shaped.

I can’t understand WHY ambulance people did not do ecg in house befoure tried moving dad ESPECIALLY as they trapped is badly oedema leg under wheel chair THEN asked my dad to lift he’s leg.

It was only when I said he can’t because you have it stuck under wheel chair LIKE really but if you talk to these SO called professionals ITs me who as problem.

Well I guess that’s right AS am one of few who actually still care.

So District’s Nurse have been reported and doctor as copy of my complaint to put on dad’s medical records along with hospitals records.

Why well becouse it’s took it out of my dad all this chronic neglect in the community by these so called caring professionals that are more intrested in budgets than having bandages dressings human side of there jobs.

Picture is How district nurses left my dad’s feet dispite him losing toe nails.

Sure I asked for them to be changed and they said green and black on dressing is nothing to worry about.

Clearly they was wrong AND I was More the fool for believing them

10 Replies
sassy59 profile image

I’m so really sorry to hear about your dear dads treatment or lack of it. It’s so hard for you to see this lack of care and you must be so frustrated and angry.

I know when Pete’s leg needed dressing because of cellulitis/sepsis it was a struggle at times to get someone round. There’s not enough district nurses to do the job sadly but your dad should have the best care.

I hope he is well looked after whilst in hospital.

The ambulance people need some re training it seems.

Take care and thinking of you all. Xxxxx

Hi JeffAjaxSmith,

I'm so sorry to hear of this latest development with dad's legs/feet. I feel sure that hospital is the best place for him at the moment and so sorry to hear that care for him at home has fallen short of expectations again. You're so right when you say you do care, and your dad is very lucky that you watch out for his well-being so carefully.

Very best wishes, and I hope that a spell back in hospital will get dad back on the right path again.

Lynd profile image

Truly shocking what on earth were those people thinking of?

I am so glad you have made official complaints because this is surely neglect on their part.

Hope your poor Dad recovers from this and you must be so stressed.

Take care.

Hellebelle profile image

So sorry to hear this, it's very shocking. It's a good job he has yourself to stand up for him. This should not be happening as everyone deserves the best treatment possible. District nurses are in short supply and stretched to their limit ( and over in lot of cases). This is not to excuse the treatment your dad has received) but a sad reflection on the state we are in. I really hope that your dad gets good treatment in hospital and is more comfortable soon.

Lynd profile image

This whole business of dressings can be a nightmare. My husband used to have terrible leg ulcers due to heart failure and diabetes. The District Nurses used to come in but I was at work and my husband had gone out on his mobility scooter. He was not supposed to go out but he was so fed up. The District Nurses will only vist here if you are housebound. My husband had lost a huge amount of weight and was very frail. Anyway one of the nurses saw him out and they asked him if he had been out and he said yes and they just stopped coming. What really upset me was they didn't inform me. Just left me to sort it out. I didn't like a few of them. I found their attitude was very un nurse like. I rang to complain but never got the promised call back. Not long after that he had massive heart attack which resulted in Hypoxic brain injury. He was so poorly I couldn't understand how they could so callously dumped him.

While in rehab for four months his surgery along with really good nursing care and his ulcers are gone. The skin is very frail so have to keep an eye on it.

I still take him for one on his toe for dressing change but change the dressing quite often myself if I don't like the look of it. However could Not have changed a dressing like your dad's and I feel really angry on your behalf x

von60 profile image

I wish you luck with your dad. Also regarding 'professionals', we the normal public have to be so careful how we speak to them - they are so different nowadays, even a bad look can get them going to their union rep. Communication should be all....unfortunately the world we live in today stops us from speaking our mind.

tobby1428 profile image

to some its a vocation and to others it is just a job! I am so sorry jeffajaxsmith that you and your poor dad has had to put up with this.i am disabled and I rely heavily n my wife and son for help,i really worry about what future I would have left to these so called professionals.my wish is that I will die hopefully in my sleep before these people start to torture me.i wish you and your dad all the love and luck in the world!

FredaE profile image

just awful. Being under strain does not mean you can't recognise trouble when you see it.

secrets22 profile image

This is so dreadful and it is truly shameful for you're poor dad to be treated so badly,and sadly neglect is now commonplace which is why I am terrified should my partner ever have to go into care.

The fact is,care workers are not highly trained professionals ,not one iota are they.

The care lady who comes to us is very nice but I can handle David much easier than she does,she pulls his legs in such a way that he is in pain,and yet when I do it he is not in pain at all.

I really do feel for you ,and to see this is to sad for words.

ScouseTaffy profile image

I'm shocked at your dads callous 'treatment' but sadly not surprised.

My GP referred me to dermatology & DN when cellulitis ran rogue in both legs.

I was subjected to visits when cellulitis laid me low. I could not lift my legs due to their size so couldn't get into bed. This was a vicious cycle and I couldn't improve things. My legs were leaking so much the carpet suffered, despite trying to protect it. Eventually DN started to visit, told me they weren't coming out to apply cream to my legs. 1 HCA was told to visit and discharge me. I was in the shower when she arrived and so my legs were visible, clearly shocked she said she would call back later.

Nurse manager returned and asked for my case notes to check my records. Hmmm, now where did the nurse leave it? Yes, no one completed a needs assessment or started a record.

Referral made to tissue viability nurse and the manager tried valiantly to cover her embarrassment.

Daily visits commenced.

During visits comments were made about the lovely car in the drive and couldn't my mum drive me to the clinic? Mum has dementia and has never learned to drive & I've been her carer since 2011. Plus Because I cant lift my legs! ( the skin across my left knee split when I last tried to access my lovely red car) doh!

Oh your nails are lovely, where did you get them done? Sitting in this chair you idiot.

I sacked them in the end for many reasons eg they didn't turn up for days & when I asked why was told I no longer needed daily visits. I enquired who had made that clinical decision and assessed that my needs had altered ..... mutter mutter was their response.

I was given a stool to rest legs on while they were dressed which was very useful except I couldn't utilise it as I couldn't lift my legs!! Frustration grew.

This was 3 years ago and the tale got worse. I developed lymphodema up to my waist and could write a book about how not to provide care in the community.

What a rant.

The worst part of this debacle is that I was a nurse and hospital social worker for 40 years. I hope the care & support I offered was better than that which I've been subjected to.

I may just write that book!

Thanks for allowing me to vent

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