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Dementia Alzheimer’s & The Cat 🐈


I think that’s as good as dementia Alzheimer’s Care gets in UK.

My cat and us have done more than any GP or social worker when it comes to my dad’s dementia Alzheimer’s Care.

Could I be wrong OR do authority’s need to step up and offer more constructive help advice.

I can’t imagine what life would of been like with out groups like this when it comes to others going through same processes.

If was up to gp social workers god only knows WHAT we would of done.

I do think society gp’s do need to do tad more AND be tad more intrested than they are.

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Hi JAS I do think that there needs to be more training re dementia across the whole medical profession.

That cat looks very happy there and is that your dear dad? Seems like a great relationship.

Petes in hospital with infection and his mums court of protection case is still ongoing. Back there in January.

We just have to get through don’t we. You take care and you’re doing a wonderful job of caring for your dad. Xxxx

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Hi sassy sorry to read about Pete and he’s mother defo agree more needs be done really.

Was a time my cat would not go near my dad ... but THAT was when he was suffering mental brake down befour police mental health doctors was involved.

Police call handlers could do with training AS that was a farse when we had to call them.

Left quite a bitter taste issue with ciops as dad’s medical problems was not taken into account and the should of

sassy59Ambassador in reply to sassy59

Thank you so much. Xx

MAS_Nurse in reply to sassy59

Hi sassy59, sorry to hear Pete is back in hospital. Hope he will be home soon and that the court's protection order for his Mum is settled soon.

Our thoughts are with you all and with JAS.

MAS Nurse and Moderator.

sassy59Ambassador in reply to MAS_Nurse

Thank you MAS_Nurse. Xxx

Debsoxford in reply to sassy59

Hi sassy59

Sorry to hear Pete had infection and in hospital.

Best wishes to you both x


I think that even the most caring of GPs and health workers are just overwhelmed these days. We have been so lucky, my husband has terminal cancer and dementia and we have had nothing but care from the professionals but we see how overburdened they are.

Do you have any dementia groups in your area where he can go, we have several here with coffee mornings, singing, etc that do help.


Hi JeffAjaxSmith,

A very poignant picture and an interesting post. I know you've had far more than your share of issues with your dad's care, and I don't think there are any of us who wouldn't very gratefully accept more care and practical advice with dementia.

But I don't think dementia will ever receive all of the attention it needs. Competition is fiece, and with so many people throughout society with challenging issues, gaining support for dementia is always going to be challenging. No matter how much funding or expertise it ever gets, dementia is always, largely, going to affect the older population, and doesn't attract much empathy, except from the group of people it's affecting.

It's one of those diseases most people believe will never affect them personally for one thing. No-one thinks of being old. It just creeps up on you. I bet if you polled any number of people under 25 and asked if they were saving specifically for old age, you'd find very few, if any, who are even considering it, or even becoming old!

And of course it's not just dementia that GP's appear to lack knowledge in. How anyone gets a diagnosis of anything in current times is amazing to me, when surgery appointments have become a relentless in-out procession of people, so that if there isn't a simple solution to a medical problem, it is sometimes never properly diagnosed.

But all of that stems from political decisions that have been made by government, and there are other forums at Healthunlocked which deal with NHS shortfalls and the causes.

But I know that your own situation with your dad has been very complex, and you've handled it wonderfully well. All I can do is to wish you further strength in dealing with your very difficult situation, and to hope that one day diseases of the older population might be better dealt with, or better yet, that research can find something that will prevent them happening, or a cure.

Very best wishes.

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Hi Callendersgal Is Heart braking to see things he loved to do stolen from him.

The talk about accidents and people who lose ability even eyesight as life changing totally devastating BUT when it comes to dementia Alzheimer’s it’s not held in same light 💡

Like it’s not as devastating PEOPLE need to know how shit it really is only thing my dad can do is sit there CAN’t see Can’t use his hands Can’t remember squat Can’t feed him self.

To many Can’t’s .... and then is Alzheimer’s Dementia is trying to squash him into a ball like piece of scrap.

Hi JAS, so sorry for the problems and lack of help you are experiencing at present. It is so true, I agree with 'exhausted wife' when she says the health professional's are so over stretched .

Keep posting on this community so that we can give you all the support we can.

Best wishes,

MAS Nurse and Moderator.

That picture is very heart breaking I must say,and we feel so helpless.

Sometimes I think we expect to much of our GP's when they are on overload already,and as yet there is very little help for dementia because there is no known cure as yet.

The problem with the health service is to many people waste doctors time,and run to them for a headache while others fail to keep appointments,and the waste in the health service is outrageous.

When my partner was mobile we did go to a day care centre a few times,but in my opinion it was not a lot of use,when they treat patients like children,they are adults and should be treated accordingly,and never talked down to.

I have to disagree with Callendersgal saying dementia is mostly the elderly,as the group we attended there were 2 guys in their 20.s and more than half were in their 40's or less.

As carers it can be soul destroying seeing our loved ones deteriorate so much,and yet it touches the soul when they still manage a thank you,as my partner often does.

Hi jeff

Yes GP's could do more sometimes but they as you say don't get the training they need to understand the family situations and difficulties

All the best

I do so agree. It's disgusting!

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