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Alzheimer’s Dementia Heart Deviation & Prick Test

Not many people know how lay person can spot heart trouble that warrants medical intervention.

Picture is my dad’s heart NOW he is Dementia Alzheimer’s suffer and as been for a long time.

Is awful disease and heart breaking.

For few days he as been more confused AND injured he’s toe.

But like a normal persons will bleed my dad’s cloted right away NOW this is second time I have seen this phenomenon THATs why I call it prick test if surspect heart trouble given clots right away.

Lucky for me I have heart stress Monitor French paramedic’s triled In there ambulance’s

So given prick test results I thought all get Heart Monitor out and just check dad’s heart given he had not been him self.

Only to see bad heart deviation on Monitor.

Now if I had not seen clothing going on I would of thought it was just he’s advancing dementia Alzheimer’s.

Sad thing is district nurses seen my dad’s toe and clothing issues and did nothing.

What information is there in spotting heart trouble in dementia Alzheimer’s suffers.

That’s what I thought WHY should it be down to family to raise awareness AFTER all we are not well salaried WE just care more than those apost to

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Morning JAS, it’s great that your dad has you to fight his corner. You’re keeping a very close eye on him and trying to get him good care but it’s so frustrating if the medical profession don’t listen.

People with Alzheimer’s/dementia have the right to proper care too.

Please look after yourself as well.

Take care xxxx

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Hi sassy thanks for reply THINK anyone with multiple health conditions gets put on waste heep like Alzheimer’s Dementia suffers.

Like what information is there in spotting heart attack in Alzheimer’s Dementia suffers.

None I have found GUESS like everything the ment to suffer that too in silance.

For past six months been trying to get dad to be put on community heart failure teams books.

So is heart trouble can be managed in community THUS far and lots of arguments later dad’s still not as not worthy I surspect.

Truly is disgrace how treated given sensory pain issues Alzheimer’s Dementia suffers feel.

Good luck, JAS. I know, I've been there. It's heart breaking. Keep yourself strong and do what you need to. Love ❤️ xx

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Hi cheers n thanks

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Hi JeffAjaxSmith,

It's good to hear from you again, but sorry that you now have some new concerns about your dad. Just keep on caring for him in the great way that you do, but try not to get too frustrated when health professionals seem not to be taking your worries on board. They do the best that they can given the circumstances they have to work in, (i.e. too much to do and too little time to do it in), but as an ex-nurse myself, I know that when nurses see something really worrying or unusual, they do act quickly and responsibly to take their concerns to the next level of care.

The important thing is that you make sure to take care of yourself whilst you are taking care of dad. You invest so much interest in his well-being, which is wonderful, but don't forget yourself in all of this.

Very best wishes.

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Hi Callendersgal is frustrating and you are right about resources too.

But I don’t want my dad to be victim of austerity cuts and is tooth nail fight every day.

Is frustrating given not always well enough for fight myself.

Have heard seen lots of horrible things AND have seen good too.

But you do have to fight for it AND should not be like that

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