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Councils & New Dirty Tricks Re Care Act 2014


Some might remember legal ask with Alex and simply health team.

Well I had good chat with dad’s social worker befour legal ask AND stuff we talked about reinforced my belief re my dad’s care re the care act and help we needed.

Caption from that day’s chat given current going on with social workers care act mental heath teams and social care wellbeing.


Hi Cheers Alex I have been trough 3 social workers and dad’s fair weather care plans have been launched on road more times than I can remember.

Like you say law is great ITs how the advocates interpreting law that’s issue.

But like I said good analogy of social worker is fair weather friends WELL that’s been my experience BUT with sites like this and live chats

Think fair weather friends days are numbed WELL unless the change law


Well I was talking to mine my dad’s admiral nurse AND when I said to Alex about them changing law WELL that was not far from the truth.

As our admiral nurse said council social workers could discharge you LIKE really how can they even try discharge those in receipt of social care with terminal disease such as Alzheimer’s Dementia.

If council do WELL that’s new lows and was not expecting that BUT to be honest this lot of it about.

Also found out in community from admiral nurse there are community heart failure nurses that visit people suffering heart failure.

Yet other thing my dad’s gp never told me about THAT I will be doing something about AS my dad as Alzheimer’s Dementia but he’s still my dad and he’s life counts just as much as anybody else’s.

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Good for you JAS, you’re dad does have every right to be treated well and he’s fortunate to have such a caring son on his side. Take care xxxxxxx

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Hi sassy defo makes you sick really LIKE illness disability is not bad enough.

Anyway told admiral nurse can tell social worker been talking to community social care solicitor.

So am quite clued up AND waiting.


Hi JeffAjaxSmith

Yes of course your dad does matter and he’s very lucky to have a son who fights so hard for him. No matter what official help is, or isn’t available, there’s never anything better than having someone who is on your side and speaks up for you. Best wishes.

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Hi callendersgal cheers thanks I know if your advocate you should be right up there sadly this not many vocal these days.

Like I said previously carers need vocal advocates that will challenge old ways THINGs WAS done re care act and adult social care wellbeing with regard social workers local authorities cost cutting sharp pratices.

For example my social worker talked about respite for my dad NO other option YET admiral nurse told me if my dad did not use respite budget.

We could in therory use money budget to buy aid YET social worker said nothing and quite the opposite.

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