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Alzheimer’s Dementia Nursing Care In UK Hospital’s SUCKs


Well that was report from 2009 - and as anything changed.

In short not one bit AS carer Hospital Dementia Alzheimer’s Care is the pits and in short if I treated a dog 🐕 like Dementia Alzheimer’s patients are treated I would be prosecuted.

Well I have had enough of it so am going to see my MP and I want answers from hospital trust and poxy board members.

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I remember my mother visting my Dad ever lunchtime in hospital so she could feed him. She told me other people did the same. This was about 96.

Last year I witnessed nurses taking extra care with dementia patients ensuring they ate. It was a long job though.

I am presuming the ward is understaffed.?

I respect Nurses in general as most of them do a good job but some are not that great. Spent a lot of time in hospitals this last few years with my husband so I have observed a lot.

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Hi Lynd do agree some are good then shifts change and it’s hit miss

I know if I did not go to make sure dad was feed watered he would not of survived much more of hospital nursing care.

I found out dad is being treated for organ failure NOT that any one as told me IT what I read in nursing notes.

Yet it dose not stop them neglecting him THE hole hospital dose not have suitable chair with padded arms SO three weeks later dad is still in waiting room chair and ward as only one commode for about 40 people.

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Complain to everyone you can think of. Keep your cool though else all they will see is your temper and be less inclined to take you seriously. Xxx

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If all else fails could turn civil mater criminal.

At least would be aired in the open


I hope your MP can help in some way JAS. Nurses, doctors, GP’s all need training to deal in a more caring way with dementia patients and their family/carers as things are set to get worse over time.

Wishing you well. Xxxxx

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Hi sassy I have letters from previous complaints DAMING letters SO am hoping mp can get answers or even improve dad care given promise’s

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I truly hope so JAS. Please stay calm and take care. Thinking of you and your dear dad. Xxxx


Hi JeffAjaxSmith, I wish you luck with your quest, but I'm not absolutely sure it's an effective way to resolve your problems around dementia care. Unless you have the most marvellously understanding MP, he/she will promise to do something for you and then a few weeks later you'll get a letter from him/her saying they've passed along your comment to the Health Minister. Unfortunately the machinery of government is too big to help the individual very much.

I think it's more effective to go down the chain of command, rather than up. Get specific instances of where your dad has been disrespected or his treatment has been under par and then put it in writing to PALS. (Lots of people claim PALS is 'useless', but that's not the experience I've had). Also try local radio stations and newspapers to see if anyone's interested in some investigative journalism or interviewing you so you can point out where things are falling down.

I think it does happen that for various reasons, dementia patients and vulnerable people altogether, sometimes don't get the nursing care they deserve. I've experienced a lot worse overseas than here, but I don't believe we should be a part in a race to the bottom, but should work to excel, so that no-one can level criticisms at our generally excellent nursing and hospital services.

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Hi Callendersgal .... Pals Quality Care Commission LETs say I have air miles.

Also am sick of reading results of previous complaints where world is going to change YET noting is done.

So am hoping letters promises made do mean something

Hi JAS,it's so sad to read that your dear Dad is still not receiving the level of care that he is entitled to. So sad. I wish there was a quick fix for the NHS in general but particularly in the Dementia care. With my mum having the terrible D and then having a severe stroke that left her paralysed on one side,blind in one eye,unable to speak,unable to swallow so had to be fed through a tube up her nose,the nurses that cared for her were looking after several other ladies too and you could see how the "system of care" just pushed these dedicated nurses to their limits. This meant they just were unable to spend much time with their patients. Once Mum didn't respond to any treatment after her stroke and with a cancer growth in her lungs she was moved into a Palliative Care Ward. These nurses were only caring for 2 patients so the care quality was terrific. Mum then went to a Hospice for the last few days that she had and again received exceptional care,due to the patient/nurse ratio.

I understand your worries regarding your Dad and if you don't fight tooth and nail for him,who will? Just remember,as p***ed off as you are,you must keep your cool,count to 10 if you are raging inside before you say something that may be misunderstood due to your constant frustrations with Dads care!

Go for it Jeff.

You are right in saying if we treated animals like this we would be prosecuted. The more dust you disturb the more likely you are to be heard. The problem then has to go to the head of care and then be discussed AND sadly then put to one side.

The frustration we feel is of little importance to the people at the top.

I wish you the best of luck and hope you are listened to.

Love Pat x

I absolutely agree with you,care in the community is the pits,which is why I will keep my partner at home,as difficult as that is.

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