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The CARE ACT 2014


As anyone had any success with the CARE ACT 2014

And how local athourites provide services in relation to adult wellbeing social care.

My experiences given my dad’s heart issues Dementia Alzheimer’s and my needs IS it promised so much BUT providers are not interpreting act law correctly THUS ripping those in recipet of care and careers the much needed help and surport.

Also care broker’s LIKE really who’s intrest do they really work in.

Am no law expert but in act HIGHLIGHTED in yellow say’s must provide or arrange SO one could argue equipment.

Yet they seem stuck in the ways unwilling to change.

Well that’s my personal experience with looking after my dad in later stages of Dementia Alzheimer’s

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Hi JAS, I suppose people will say it varies from local authority to local authority but that can’t be right surely.

You have been doing a wonderful job caring for your dad so maybe the local authority in question feel his needs are being met. It’s very hard though to watch someone you care for suffering so much and your health isn’t good either.

Keep trying to get somewhere with people in authority and point the Care Act out to them. Perhaps they have forgotten what it is supposed to stand for.

Take care and keep chatting to us. Xxxxx

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Hi sassy defo agree about my dad’s needs never really looked at it that way BUT think the have duty to me aswell with being unwell myself.

There answer to everything is put him in home 🏠 and can say from what have seen myself with how my dad was treated at hospital neglected and others have seen go trough doors of AE will never happen.

I think homes are cop out really easy way out for social workers than trying to interpreting NEW care act.

sassy59Ambassador in reply to Hidden

Hi JAS, Petes mum is in a care home as she was unable to stay in her flat. She’s being well cared for but has vascular dementia and Alzheimer’s so it’s complicated. She’s not happy but we were left to get on with things without help.

Now after 8 months, social welfare and mental health have decided to try and do all they can to help us given Petes health issues and his mums problems. We’ll see what happens but moving her is not a good idea as will confuse things even more.

I wish you well as always. Xxxxx

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I sassy sounds like for like really but we only got help when my dad’s memory problems caused him to have mental brake down.

Till then we was on our own too for about 5 years.

I think n read doctors don’t really dx it early as most suffers won’t go and doctors not really that intrested unless promteted.

Am not happy with way GP Police controllers managed my dad’s brake down.

All still quite raw really

sassy59Ambassador in reply to Hidden

I can understand how you must feel as your dear dad has suffered. I wish more was being done for dementia/Alzheimer sufferers as it’s not going away.

You take care xxxxx

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I have found you mention dementia Alzheimer’s in clinical setting it’s like green card to neglect them.

I have had to tell district nurses when tad ruff with my dad that he is human and to be more careful.


Hi JeffAjaxSmith

I think there are probably hundreds of thousands nationwide who share your frustration and are absolutely fed up with being over-promised and under-delivered. And I also think that sassy59 hits the nail right on the head when she says that the more you cope, the less help will be forthcoming.

It's a proper dilemma when the only help forthcoming is advice to put your dad in a home. And I can see how reluctant you are to have to do that.

It's a shame that so much time has to be spent on trying to fight to get what's set out as rightfully ours under the terms of the 2014 Care Act, but bear in mind that all Acts are put in place by politicians who have fine ideals and must appear to appeal to voters, but who then have priorities they consider more important. And that seems especially to apply to our Health Secretary!

So what to do? Well your heart is very much in the right place. You want only what's best for dad, so I can only suggest you fight as much as you can for help with and for your dad but at the same time decide with your heart what you can bear in terms of looking after him.

It's heartbreaking to see a much loved one deteriorating and then to have to decide on a Care Home, but in all of this, remember yourself too.

There's no shame in putting dad into a Care Home, and there should be no sense of defeat, because, if you choose the right one, and continue to love and monitor him, you are still doing the best you can for him in some pretty difficult circumstances.

My heart goes out to you as I know trying to make a decision you can all work with is one of the hardest things in the world.

And as far as the 2014 Care Act is concerned, make whatever use you can of what's promised, but don't expect too much.

I have found that the fact I moved home to look after mum after her lower right leg was amputated stops us getting help - they seem to think that because i am here - all her needs are met - Yes in most ways they are but it means I have no respite or time of 24/7- 365 - I am having to fight tooth and nail to get them to provide help so that I can have a few hours off a week - It sickens me to see people cheating the system and my mum who cannot even go to the toilet or get a drink or anything to eat cannot get proper support - at 89 she cannot have a prosthetic limb - All they say is - If you can't cope = put her in a home!!!!

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