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Care Plans & Having It OUT With Council


Under care act PERSONAL BUDGETs was apost to change face of personal care PUTTING the personal back into social care.

So far I have found FOR a legally biding document ITs not worth paper it’s peinted on.

Councils are limating personal care plans TO what deals they have with Care Home Peoviders Even If Not In Home As Personal BUDGETs Base Line.

Not sure that’s what Care Act Promised

Today I have meeting with broker and social worker AND if am up to it will be having out with them AS Care Act promises so much YET council try to band every one together

Picture is of last agreement THAT plan said dad could by anything not supplied by council if medical need was identified YET council said plan dose not

Have a look and you decide

Trying to find out WHAT body inforces this so called legally biding agreement AS been nightmare.

But lot stress heart attack later WITH no help from social worker IT comes down to Quality Care Commission OR parliamentary ombudsman

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Golly gosh JAS, it was hard to view more than a paragraph or two but it banged on about the PB isn't to be spent on .......a long list of some very obvious items but by the end of the list,I wasn't sure what you were allowed to use the PB for! I will read it again this afternoon as just maybe I'm not understanding the benefit of having a PB?

Hope your meeting with Social Worked and broker brings some much needed answers for you and your Dad. Let us know how you get on won't you?

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Hi SquirrelHolt yer my heads been bit all over but befoure Had Heart issues COUNCIL was ignoring what terms of personal budget mean

Anyway been trying to put together Information so can get grips with robin councils when comes to dad’s so called personal BUDGETs

Anyway think done it in format that works AND like the say this Human Rights instrument 🎷 for that

O and forgot to say council’s by the nature have public funded resource SO the high flyer solicitor’s can take mick

Like I have such luxury can run to solicitor YET FIND ONE that deals in issues round capacity social care.

But what I did find out is if issues of capacity are involved can get legal aid



Like SquirrelsHolt I saw mostly what a personal budget can't be used for. But definitely, according to the GovUK website it's possible to get legal aid for issues relating to 'poor quality care you or a family member are getting due to age, disability or special educational needs'.

But please do remember yourself in whatever you decide to challenge. Take care of yourself too.

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Hi Callendersgal had quite a fruitful meeting Especially when mentioned persnol budget parliamentary ombudsman and human rights breaches abuses

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Well done JAS. I'm glad it was worthwhile.

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Hi yes was worth the stress really as dad’s car package is going to be increased to Cover twilight calls

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I am just shaking my head at all this. As if you have not got enough to deal with. glad you have managed to get some improvement. Keep fighting but please take care of yourself

Hi Jeff, hope you get some joy with decision makers. Just one thing I find frustrating in todays care mode, why do we have to fight for everything, when some of it ought to be a human right in a caring society. Don't you get worn out with all the fighting and stress as well as trying to care? I know I do I have spent most of my adult life fighting for human rights, including my own. fingers crossed for good outcome for you.

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Hi Katie defo agree is waring having to fight for everything BUzt can be handy distraction given my own health conditions

But have to admit am quite bushed really as heart stuff as really effected my mobility and voice

So have no choice to let things slide by

Hello. Looking at the paragraph with the pen mark, I think you may have misunderstood it.

That paragraph is basically saying you can't use it to buy services that are already provided by the NHS.

But you are absolutely right about council's not meeting the requirements of The Care Act. Our local council attempt to skimp in the same ways. The staff have not fully changed their culture of thinking to update to what The Care Act actually means.

Just focus on what's in the care plan rather than the general terms and conditions.

Your best weapon is to complain officially to the council and get a written response. Then go to the Local Government Ombudsman if you are not happy with the councils response.

The Local Government Ombudsman has the power to judge and issue an appropriate directive to the council.

Councils are dreadful to deal with,and most are very ruthless and uncaring and I dont put much faith in any of the powers that be.

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