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Blood Test Update

Well had load more bloods take last week and consultants meeting etc. Yesterday I got back the lastest.

Based upon a positive ANA test I had to have several other tests. Doctor rung me up yesterday to inform me that my ESR is very high at 56 when in range is below 10. Based on this I have further more tests to find out underlining cause.

Could be as informed by doctor...

- Auto immunine Disease - not AIDs as a acronym...that got me initially worried

- SLE - Lupus

- Luekemia although unlikely.

- poly malagia - interesting as one of my relatives had that.

- or as she said just a spike and be nothing....

CRP came back as in range at 3. LFT good and FBC acceptable WBC slightly high, RBC slightly low. Haemoglobin slight out of range (high) dependent on which range you use.

He has now reduced my Spiro to 200mg and taken me off Furosmide for the time being to see if I get any Ascites, daily weights and as he said eat for England (the right stuff of course). And keep of alcohol...of course.

Well hope everyone else is okay, and getting by.

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Hi Andy

As you have probably already worked out, the ESR test is a non-specific test that measures inflammation somewhere in your body, not necessarily the liver. Its elevated during infections, some cancers, and autoimmune diseases. Hep B might elevate it.

Just out of interest, has anyone done an AFP alpha-fetoprotein blood test on you? How long have you been HBV +, at a guess. For someone with cirrhosis and HBV it is sensible to have the AFP done.



PS Having seen your consultant, has your HBV viral load come back yet? The results can come back in a week, so if you've had a HBV DNA test done, I would have thought you would have the result by now?


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