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My Blood Results - Good and Bad

First set of results back some good news on the LFT front but something else is going on....and have been ask to attend Dr ASAP to discuss, going tomorrow.

Well this is a record for me can anyone else beet it, 10 different tests in one hit, only 3 tubes but be awaiting 10pieces of paper to look at next week.not sure if doctor is now fed up with me and just ticks all the boxes on the screen to keep me quiet for two weeks.

tests are:

LFT- all within normal range.

GGT - 126 down from last time of 250 ish. But still out of range but on right path

FBC - lots of abnormality here. haemoglobin low, red blood count, Haematocrit low as well as other cell types.

U&E - Sodium and Potassium on high side but just in range.

ESR- slight down from last time at 46 but still high.

CRP- in range.

Thyroid - okay

Prostate- okay

So mainly ESR and FBC out of line....Dr tomorrow to discuss....not too clear on the signs. Any thoughts..Anaemia, Iron deficiency...


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ay up fella,sorry cnt help you there im struggling to workout what im doing from morn to night,but im sure things will be ok,always look on the brightside until told different,are you there today or tomoz coz your post was 13hrs old,keep smiling.


At Dr today pal, I always keep my chin up only way to be. And 6 days until holiday, and already planning the next. I hope my body will thank me for the 4hr flight. Hope you are okay too.

Take care...Andy


good news on the GGTs I'm hoping for the same...cheers


Hi Andy - what did Doctor say about your results?




Went to Dr Tuesday, normal doctor was off so spent first 10mins going through the history and updating him. He seemed non committal on results and basically said the results could be 100 things which he does not know how to action and needs the Gastro people to look at. So referred back to the Gastro specialist to discuss. More bloods ordered again, FBC, LFT with GGT, Blood Sugars and ESR/CPR. Getting a bit frustrated now, but as you said in other post we are all in this mix and roundabout of bloods, results, discussion, more bloods, results, I have 2 Gastro appointments and 1 Neurology appointment and one with orthopaedic surgeon follow up. Go fun and games....


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