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Gilberts....symptoms anyone?

Over the summer I went through a period of stress/anxiety due to an imminent move overseas. They carried out blood tests to be safe and all was good apart from elevated Biliribun. After a night on the beers 2 months ago I started to get a little nauseous and fatigued, to the point I could not work. With the elevated Bilirubin my thoughts turned to liver disease.

After a Fibroscan (4.5) and an unremarkable ultrasound this was ruled out. Despite no family history my DNA tested positive for Gilbert's Syndrome. I got very low due to the fatigue and after seeing three Doc's they are adamant that I am suffering from depression and some form of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. They also found traces of a rather nasty virus in my blood leading them to look at post-viral fatigue.

Anyway, my question is whether anyone has experienced symptoms with Gilbert's Syndrome?

I'm 27 and previously led a very active life, swimming at county level so fatigue has hit me hard :-( I am also due to relocate to Sydney in 4 weeks with work. Not great :-)

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Sorry I dont but

Bilirubin is a potent antioxidant compound and your liver is having to work harder to compensate for the excess, perhaps try high dose antioxidants and liver support.

Have your thyroid checked and examine the level of glutathione being produced by the liver.


I also have no sorry for that, but i have also been recently diagnosed with gilbert's syndrome...well for 4 years i had chronic fatigue syndrome, which i did get over but am left with low immunity, constantly getting colds which completely drain me and take longer to get over than they should. In my constant search for better health i recently had a load of tests (wondering if i had an adrenal gland problem) and Gilbert's came up, I then remembered i had been told about 5 years ago i had Gilbert's syndrome, but was told it meant nothing and there were no symptoms. When i recently was told this again..I decided to look into it and have found one of the most common symptoms seems to be chronic fatigue. Have a look at -for tips on what to try , i'm just working my way through it myself...thinking of trying milk thistle supplement. good luck!


Hey @Tooth thanks for the response. It helps. Fatigue syndrome had been mentioned and sufferers from GS are up to 50% more likely to suffer from ME, so my GP tells me. I'm due to move to Sydney with work in the next three weeks so I'm led to believe stress (although, I'm only 27) may be playing a big part. Thanks again and good luck!


Good Morning,

Have you had a look at the Trust's GS publication? It provides information on the symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of Gilbert's and can be found on our website:

Alternatively you can call our free helpline for a hard copy, more information and support: 0800 652 7330

Kind regards

Sandy Forsyth

Health Information Manager


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