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Elevated Liver Enzymes

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Hello I am new here and would like to hear from others going thru what I am....I have been going thru elevated liver enzymes for 3 months and blood work after blood work I had a complete abdominal Ultrasound that said everything was unremarkable and great. I have an appt with a GI/Hepatologist next week. My doctor has taken me off celebrex 1 month ago and my Effexor 3 weeks ago completely and I have experienced horrible side effects and withdrawals. I am in very good shape and I exercise, run and am very active daily. Since he took me off my meds I have been aching all over, especially at night. I had a complete panel of Blood work today Nash FibroSure panel, Mitochondril, Antibody, CK,

Hepatitis A&B, Kiver & kidney Antibodies. I have been worried sick and have went from perfect health to a worrier and aching person. My face has broke out and other things like intense itching at night . My levels were ALT: 181, 185, 185 .. AST 146, 143. 141. I know something is wrong, if my levels are elevated. Can someone please tell me what it sounds like or if you have been thru this. I don't understand why all this if my ultrasound was perfect. Any information would be greatly appreciated

Thank you...Praying it is an autoimmune something and not chirosis... I am 55 years old. I have also lost 10 pounds in the last 6 months but I think that is due to exercise. I run 3 miles at least 4X a week and do Bodypump, kickbox, and P 90X 4 nights a week. I would love any information-good or bad..I am tired off worrying myself sick and being in this pain. I think the pain is from coming off arthritis meds Celebrex. I have been making it thru exercise with a struggle but the pain gets so much worse at night Any advice Thanks so much!!!

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My liver enzymes ALP, AST and GGT have been high for over 10 years and despite numerous scans, MRI's and a liver biopsy no cause has ever been found, you may find it was the meds you were on and over time things will return to normal, really no point in worrying because it may well be nothing, good luck.

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Thank you.. I will be relieved to find out more after the Blood test I had today

Good morning from Texas! About a month ago, my ALT and AST were much higher than yours. At a subsequent test a week later, they were a bit lower but still very abnormal. My doctor ordered a sonogram of my abdomen. In the meantime, my Mom became very suddenly terribly ill. I ended up going to Louisiana for a week, and she passed away while I was there. In the midst of all that, I had to reschedule the sonogram. When I had it, it revealed no liver inflammation but lots of gallstones. A blood test a week after that showed that my liver enzymes were back to normal. The only reason I’m sharing this really long story is to share what my RN daughter kept telling me. Have the tests your doc suggests, and try not to worry until you have an actual diagnosis. It may end up being nothing. Alternatively, if it’s something, do the things your doctor recommends. She gave me a really hard time about joining this group, but I was so darn worried!!

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Thank you for sharing all this. I had my ultrasound and all was clear. I am very anxious to get all my blood work results back soon. I will keep u updated

Hi gracieb03, with regards to rises in ALT and AST did you know that these can actually rise in relation to exercise? You are giving your body a good workout by the sounds of things with all your physical activity and the rises in your ALT/AST without any liver cause can be linked to your high level of physical exercise. Do your doctors know quite how much running and workouts you are doing as this may be the cause rather than anything at all to do with your liver.

This paper might prove of some interest to you (particularly as regards muscular release of transaminase - ie. ALT/AST ) :- ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articl...


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Tha k you so much. I am gonna y’all to him about this. I have read that heavy exercise can cause this. I am praying this is all it is.

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I was half asleep and misspelled almost every word. I meant I am gonna talk to my doctor

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Hi and welcome to our forum,

You may find our publication 'Liver disease tests explained' useful to read prior to your appointment.:


You could also discuss testing for fibrosis with your hepatologist, ELF or Fib-4 score blood tests, FibroScan etc.

If you are in the UK, our helpline is open Monday to Friday 10am t0 14.45 on 0800 652 7330

Good luck with your appointments


Hi Gracie

Like others have said please dont worry as I'm going through similar things to yourself ! Raised bloods, aching limbs, itchiness, dried eyes and mouth extreme tiredness etc etc which I've had for almost 2 years on and off. Presently most of my symptoms have settled down slightly. However I've recently come down with a water infection and since being given antibiotics I feel more like myself than I have in almost 2 years!

I've undergone MRI, CT, Fibroscan and numerous ultrasounds and all fairly clear! Like my friends have already said other things can raise your bloods.

I ve lost 3 stone and I cycle around 25 kilometers and lift weights like you almost daily so please try not to stress until your fully diagnosed! I'm hoping my final CT today and latest blood tests reveal a final diagnosis

Please take care my friend and keep in touch with your progress.

Love Trish x

Thank you.. I hope it will all settle down soon too. Hope you start feeling better also..

love G

in reply to gracieb03

Hi Gracie

Thank you for your reply.!

Just so your aware I wrote my message to you whilst in a bit of rush prior to leaving for the hospital , I've now amended my message slightly.

Take care and good luck with everything!' I'm 67 so really shouldn't moan as I've had a good life todate!

Love Trish x

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