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Complan....A good Plan?

Update: Just to recap - my husband has liver cirrhosis also Hep C... I had been advised by a Biologist that due to the liver not being able to carry out all its functions - you can help it along by taking something like Complan. Well, we've just had the 1st blood tests back, since he started taking it - about 3 weeks now - his platelets have gone up! This is a real boost as his platelets have been so low, if it stays up, then he can have another retry with Inteferon treatment for his Hep C. We are waiting for the rest of the results in a few weeks, so will be able to give you guys a clearer picture of what has/hasn't improved...

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Complan mixed with milk and banana got me thru my first Tx, it was more or less all I was eating. Good stuff!


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