Hep C liver scaring

Hello hope you all well. I'm 24 year old I been diagnosed with hep c when I went to donate the blood a month ago. and today I had a appointment to the specialist of liver and they took further test. I had fibroscan test and found out 6.3 scaring on my liver. I'm so scared can someone tell me if 6.3 fibroscan score is dangerous and also if you know what's the normal liver like.. And is hep c is really can be cure ?

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  • Yes hep c is often cured. The success rate now is quite hi. Lots of luck. Google the 6.5 fibroscan. That should give you an idea.

  • Hoping you're ok catfish x

  • Hi Dan. sorry to hear about your diagnosis but it sounds like its been caught nice and early, hep c is silent but it slow, I understand it can take as long as 20 years before it starts causing damage. 6.3 kpa is still within normal range, anything under 7kpa is considered normal, have a look at the scoring card in this link and you'll see you're still safely in the green! hepatitiscnewdrugresearch.c... You've been really really lucky to catch it so young, please look into getting the newer treatment and getting rid of this virus before it does damage, and YES it can really be cured these days with the new treatment drugs

  • Thanks for your reply back I really appreciate it.

  • you're welcome & good luck, if you're in the uk check out the hep c trust, they'll fill you in on treatment options etc

  • Yes I'm in uk I have a appointment for ultrasound in two weeks. But my doctor said if I'm normal then treatmentment could take 1 year cuz they have long waiting list and they treat those first who are in advance stage of liver disease. Which is fair I guess. I'll update all my treatment here. Again thanks for your support

  • yeah that sounds about right...tho utterly wrong >:( but some people have managed to still get on the treatment, I suppose it probably depends on where you're hospital is...give the trusts helpline a call, they can help and I think I'm right in saying that without liver damage the virus is easier to get rid of which would mean a shorter treatment course and cheaper for the nhs in the long run hepctrust.org.uk/ the main thing is to get rid of the hcv, in the meantime take care or your liver and avoid alcohol

  • Take good care of yourself. Eat good foods and especially vegetables and fruits. Research vitamins that are good for your liver and do not drink alcohol. Moderate coffee.

  • fibroscan 6.3 hmm I wish..

    anything less than 12 is non-cirrhosis and is reversible. Cirrhosis is permanent scaring and is irreversible. Finally, Hep C is treatable don't worry. get vaccinated for hep a and b , get a flu shot , stop drinking if you do. eat right , avoid carbonated drinks , exercise and celebrate life.

  • Ask you Dr to refer you to the infectious desease clinic at you local hospital. ( if they have one) I got refered to the one at North Manchester General Hospital. Once there you'll get a consultant and they will keep an eye on you and get you the treatment as soon as they can. It is good that you have caught it early on. Stay healthy and stay off the alcohol as this does not help at all. The Hep C isAlready attacking your liver dodon't do anything else to make it worse. Good luck and stay strong and positive. X :-D

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