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What a day

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I don't no were to start!Hubby was admitted to Acute Cardiolgy unit on Thursday. His oxygen was extremely low.

They had him on oxygen and thy just couldn't get the oxygen levels up!

Got a call at 10.30am this morning to come down to hospital, doctors wanted to discuss options with me!

I've never got to a place so fast!

I left our 14 year-old son at home , told him to get shower etc cos he will probably be needed at hospital today!

Ran down to hospital hysterical, got there, got brought into the patient room and told that my hubby's heart wasn't improving, he was on the strongest medication they could give him.and they were not gona resuscitate him if eart failed!

Got my mum and my hubs sister to get our son, nurse explained situation and said me and my son could stay with hubby overnight till his heart eventually failed!

In tears! Our 14 Yr old sobbing, I can't describe the heartache I felt.

Consultant come in, said he looked at hubs heart scan, he said something was annoying him cos my hub wasn't feeling any pain etc with and was actually alert with such low oxygen!

He persisted and persisted! They found a hole in his heart! It's been there since he was born!

Just never been picked up on! Said that's the most likely cause of the liver and kidney problems, the swelling etc, ( obviously drinking hasn't helped)

He's very ill but they said it's a much better outlook than what it first was!

I'm in absolute shock,relieved, worried a whole range of emotions!

What a day!

Tulip x

15 Replies
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incredible. Best wishes for your husband’s recovery!

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Tulip1973 in reply to Lps123

Thankyou x

OMBRAMAIFU profile image

My goodness - what a revelation at such a late stage!

You must be all over the place with your emotions.

I hope you and your young son can hang in there - such a lot to take in.

Fingers crossed for you all...

Tulip1973 profile image
Tulip1973 in reply to OMBRAMAIFU

Thankyou x

Millie09 profile image

Hi tulip , Good grief!! Talk about an emotional rollercoaster of a day, bless you..

How are you now ? And how's hubby doing ? .

I see by your profile that hubby does have cirrhosis , forgive my ignorance as I'm not that clued up on cardiology part, but I do know know my aunt suffered heart failure, and my nephew has it ( yes he has degorge syndrome) he's only 21 yrs old .

So hubby has been living with this hole in the heart since born ..wow!! What a significant find at this stage ...

Have they said what the next state of play is going forward ? ..

Hope that things now improve for all of you

My very best wishes linda x

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Tulip1973 in reply to Millie09

He's still very ill, will find out what's going on in the next few days I suppose! Feel absolutely fed up today! Angry, in tears, scared, a whole mixture of emotions!

Am going hospital soon with our son!

Stressed too cos me and hubby have been put on statuary sick.pay, got to see if were eligible for any benefits! As the bills are coming in.

Trying to be strong for my son and hubby but am just feeling really down today x

OMBRAMAIFU profile image
OMBRAMAIFU in reply to Tulip1973

I'm sure you will be entitled to some help if you're on statutory sick pay.

Check this link to Citizens Advice, there's a couple of benefits that might well apply to you.


I can only imagine the rollercoaster of emotions you're experiencing. Take time to look after yourself, too.

Really wishing the best outcome for your husband - and you and your son - poor lad, such a lot to take in at such a young age. x

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Tulip1973 in reply to OMBRAMAIFU

Thankyou x

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Millie09 in reply to Tulip1973

I'm so sorry to hear, I'll keep everything crossed for you all ,I'm absolutely sure you should be entitled to some monetary help , is there anyone at the hospital that could maybe point you in the right direction for financial help ?

Please try not to worry too much ,you need all your strength to help you get through this difficult phase , also reach out for help , family ,friends etc .. don't bottle things up

.and being angry and upset amd annoyed is all natural reaction.

Good luck , my very best

Linda x

Tulip1973 profile image
Tulip1973 in reply to Millie09

Thankyou x

Readlots profile image

Oh my goodness, what a horrendous day. Hopefully they can treat your husband now they know what they’re dealing with. You’re all going to need a holiday after this! Wishing you all well x

Tulip1973 profile image
Tulip1973 in reply to Readlots

Thankyou x

pushthrough profile image

hello tulip. I’m sorry to hear about your hubby. When you say hole in his heart are you referring to a heart murmur? I was born with one of those but told it would go away as I got older it use to get picked up on scans. Not anymore though.

Tulip1973 profile image
Tulip1973 in reply to pushthrough

No not a heart murmur , a actual hole in the heart, needs to be closed if it can be! It's all new to us, he was born with it, our son now needs to be tested!

We're seeing the congenital heart consultant later today!

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pushthrough in reply to Tulip1973

Wow, never heard of that. Please keep us posted. Wishing you the best today!

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