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Just wondering if any has experienced extreme fatigue after eating? I can be up early go all day,exercise etc,but sometimes when I eat during the day,I HAVE to sleep. So it’s not that I lack energy or strength it’s just after eating in the day? I’m compensated with no other symptoms. I have my sugars,thyroid etc all check,normal. I’ve kept a food diary and can’t pinpoint it to a certain food. I recently cut back on sugar and simple carbs but no improvement. Obviously I’ll be getting medical advice. Any ideas?

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There can be a range of reasons for this - it takes a lot of energy to actually process your food after a big meal. I did a websearch for 'Sleeping after Eating' and it came up with a lot of information.

Most dietary advice for people with cirrhosis says to eat little and often rather than big meals.


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Yeah I’ve looked aswell. Adrenaline fatigue was one thing. I’ve emailed my consultant. I’ll post what he says in case it’s of any benefit to anyone else. Thanks

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Your liver is your bodies chemical factory so it is involved with making all the hormones for processing stuff. When liver isn't working properly these are some of the things that start getting affected.

I’ve always been exhausted after lunch. When I worked I used to take a chicken salad, no carbs or I was done for.

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Oh definitely no carbs!!!!!!

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