Hmm interesting thought because of my mum!!

I have just had food poisoning after eating out on Thursday afternoon. I had eaten a chilli and the friends I had been out with had different meals and were fine.

I spoke to my mum last night and she said she couldn't help but giggle to herself as she knows I love spicy food, but a thought popped in her head that the angel I received my gift from mustn't like spicy food, mothers!!

But it has got me thinking I have noticed a couple of things pre transplant I never drank tea but I am now having 3-4 a day, also my love of cheese has gone through the roof, anyway my question is has anyone post transplant noticed any changes??

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  • I have started to drink coffee, before transplant I never drank tea or coffee , couldn't stand the stuff. Also chocolate I know it may sound weird but I don't like chocolate I find it sickly I would never buy any for myself, I'm more a crisps person. However after my transplant I love chocolate and at minute crave chocolate cream eggs lol.

  • I am a crisp girl as well defo a no to chocolate so poor you lol. It's lovely though that they are part of us x

  • Post transplant I developed a peanut allergy and have had 4 hospitalisations with anaphylaxis. Hospital are aware of it but remain unexcited about he possibility of it being related to transplant. I think this might mean that I have always had an allergy but my immune system (now suppressed) coped with it.


  • Oooh it's interesting though... I think it's a lovely thing that part of their likes/dislikes could be part of us :-)

  • I'm allergic to gluten & have become vegan since my transplant. My body won't accept any of these

  • I think it's so strange but comforting at the same time x

  • I often wonder if my donor had gluten intolerance as it doesn't run in the family. I didn't eat meat before but now I can't eat dairy full stop. I was allergic to milk before but now no eggs nothing. 🤔🤔 I do think he must have been. Xx

  • the doctor at clinic said transplants can do weird 🙃 things to some people yet others nothing is affected. He basically said just go with the flow your body knows what it wants and doesn't. Fair enough answer 👍🏻👍🏻 xx

  • what an interesting post jojo !! not had a transplant myself 9 yrs on but that's really a Good question to ask my hepetologist on my first appointment. now you know not to eat any more chilli lol xx

  • Lol I won't be eating it out but next time I will make myself at home. Reason I do think something is in it is because once transplant been done we do have 2 sets of dna I can't see doctors having much faith in it though but I know I never drank tea before and now I can't get enough of it x

  • well at least you know what's going in to it.oh then; yes that's true isn't it !.as really you have an organ that did not originate with you from birth. there has to be something In it or why would there be more than just you with the same thing? I think it's worth the doctors to look on to very curious to know what they find. very good post jojo x

  • Two sets of D.N.A?. Not thought of that. So, if jojo commits a murder, who done it?. What % was jojo, or was she influenced?. lol. x x

  • I will blame it on my husband haha 😂

  • did you love sour sweets to. I would think that your body's changes to adapt to your new liver your tastes could change

  • Your post has made my day JoJo

  • Glad to hear I think it's such an interesting subject

  • I love the nerdy science bit! Perhaps BLT could conduct a survey....

  • Hi jojo- I've not had a transplant, but am waiting to hear if I have AIH, NASH, or both and how bad. Weirdly I went off lots of my fave foods last June and still can't stand the smell of them, makes me nauseous or vomit. Drunk coffee all my life, now have to have tea. Can only have 2 a day before 11am then just water!

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