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Fatty liver and worried

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Hi all newbie here

Last week my doctor told me I had gallstones not going to remove anyway I don’t think she was going to mention the fatty liver until I said to her I’m worried as lady who done my scan said I had a fatty liver all she said was change eating habits I did have a blood test yesterday well I’m 46 and up until last week I hadn’t eaten 1 vegetable or any meat I’m trying to change my lifestyle in eating but I’m worried I’ve left it too late and if I’m even doing right as I eat loads of fruit but now I’m reading u shouldn’t my day would be

Breakfast 1 banana or rolled oats and fruit

Snack nuts

Lunch Greek style yoghurt with straws berries raspberries blackberries

Tea brown rice with chicken peppers onions garlic tinned tomatoes or omelette with onions and tomatoes

Snacks tangerines and an apple

I now drink 1 warm Lemon water 1 coffee in afternoon and a green tea at night with water in between the day

Please bear in my this is a massive step for me after eating pizza crisps cakes chips etc all my life can I really help my liver after all these years

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Hiya 😊

You can change your lifestyle, you have too

But you can turn the fatty liver around... You just have to be serious about it, you don't want the alternative.....

Just cut out all fats and sugar and learn your traffic 🚥 signals on food....

You can still have a treat just don't make it every day

It's the saturated fat on products you need to read up on if it's green its good

Your not going to do it over night because this is for the rest of your life so don't feel too bad if you have a bad day, just get up the next day and try again x

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Tracey03 in reply to jojokarak

Thanks for replying I really don’t know wat I’m doing lol but I know I have to eat different just confusing when done say eat lots of fruit and others say no fruit I don’t know if I’m coming or going lol

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I’m going through something similar to you. I had an ultrasound last week which showed fatty liver, then a liver function blood test that came back normal. I’m not sure what happens next. I’m not overweight, but I’m now eating more healthily, by eating less bread, pasta and potatoes. There is so much contradictory advice.

Hi Tracey . Wow you are doing really well as regards to changing your eating habits, Make sure you also eat fresh fish and lean white meats like chicken and turkey plus eggs to ensure you get enough protein. Drink pleanty of water and milk throughout the day to so you don't dehydrate which would also cause you problems. Regular daily exercise will also help with weightloss and give you a great positive mental attitude.

You certainly haven't left it too late. Keep it up, over time your health will improve and you will feel fitter and happier all round.

All the best


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Tracey03 in reply to Laura009

Hi thanks

When I got told that it really scared me I just hope I can keep it up as I can’t say I like what I’m eating yes I had chicken a couple of times last week was naughty and did have egg sandwich from greggs today I am drinking water 2 cups black coffee and 1 cup green tea and yes I’ve started walking again just the internet was scary but doctor didn’t seem bothered x

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Laura009 in reply to Tracey03

Yes the internet is terrifying just stick to the livertrust sites and NHS ... much more informative and relyable


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Peloton? 😜

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Yes? Do you have 1 ?

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No, just a mountain bike & cross-trainer, runner / ski thingy + me Fitgit bit. 😜

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You're a pro

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Pro Peak fitness I wish. I tend to have a peak in the garage to dust them off. I'd then go the distance after checking out the two petrol powered bikes. Peak performance, get me there, singing some sunny day 🏍️🏍️

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briccolone in reply to

hehe....I'm summoning up courage to hit the gym....at the moment I'm doing 45 bicep curls with a 5kg weight before bed....helps me get to sleep-sadly not helping my bicep size....

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Used to train everyday even on nights sneaking an extra half hour at break time. All the facilities in our works gym, showers etc. However in retirement I was fit or unfit to exercise the elbow more than. Here endeth the lesson.

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Yep sounds like me in a years time

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It will fly in. Retirement and Good Living. Health is your wealth, without overtime. Cut your cloth to suit. 👍

Hi Tracy,

I have a fatty liver too. lol.

There are various opinions on fruit.

I’ve been told by a few doctor that fruit should be minimized because it’s high in fructose (natural plant sugar).

I was told to minimize grain based carbs and sugar because fat enters into the liver through “de novo lipogenesis” (creating new fat from the building blocks of new fat - carbs and sugar are the largest contributors).

I recommend reading the Wikipedia article on lipogenesis, as well as asking your doctor and at the end of the day, after being your own advocate and gathering all the information you can for yourself, making your own call.

Good luck,


Good morning Tracey03.

Welcome to this friendly forum.

As you can already see, you will get lots of support here!

I have included links to Non Alcohol Related Fatty Live r Disease (NAFLD) gallstones and diet.




I hope this helps with your continued lifestyle changes.

Best wishes,


I am in a similar situation to you, I also eat a good diet and lost weight, I dont drink. So I now think it is due to medication, have been on lots of antibiotics, steroids and ppis for a few years and I understand these can cause it.

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