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Hi can someone help I’m really worried about the results of my biopsy. It confirmed fibroscan reading there is a lot of scaring in the liver with dense bridging fibrosis and early nodularity. The fact that the pressure measurement across the liver was normal at 4mmHg doesn’t help calm me. I’m so worried asi don’t drink apparently it fatty liver disease. I’m 73 and thought I was fit . Please help am I going to get worse quickly I plan to lose more weight as advised . Worried Coligate123

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Hi Coligate, bridging fibrosis and early nodularity sounds suggestive of F3 fibrosis with F4 being cirrhosis. If the condition of your liver is due to Non Alcohol Related Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) then doing your fitness, watching your diet and obviously keeping your diabetes in check are all key. The BLT has a page all about NAFLD at:-

They have also recently published details of a study which highlighted the benefits of a Meditteranean style diet for NAFLD and coffee is really good too.

Best wishes, Katie

Hi Katie. Thank you for your reply I am really worried and have been exercising for a year now because of scan but obviously still taking in too many calories . I’m going to try harder but can’t stop worrying at all. Any more help from anyone would be good, Please. Pat

Hi there

I also have a severe fatty liver and was told I'm borderline cirrhosis... I'm only 33 years old so you can imagine what a shock and worry it has been seeing as I never ever drink.

I was an absolute state for a week or so but realised I need to get my act together rather than googling everything. Since January I've lost nearly 2 stone in weight and I am hoping by my next scan in July I will lose another stone.

If you don't start doing something now then yes, you will suffer in the long run. Take the advise and set an action plan now and spend your energy on that. The fatty liver is there whether worrying or not I'm afraid. I dont know how much you need to lose, but I've found cutting down on carbs helpful and I do lots of exercise. My consultant told me walking alone won't be enough so I do lots of jogging and cycling to get my heart rate up.

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Thank you I have lost a stone in 18months but that’s not enough I weigh 11.3 stone so need to lose another in six months before next scan . I can’t jog but can swim and walk . I thought I was eating better but not good enough. And the Covid-19 made me be a year late for biopsy. Thank you so much by the way apparently my liver pressure is 4mmHg ? Thank you Jaygee87

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All you can do is keep going with the weight loss. My consultant told me that it takes 6 months to see any changes so any checks before then are pointless. I think if you continue you lose the weight you will be doing the best thing for your health :)

Good luck !

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