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I am a little worried. I went to my GI specialist and they said I have to do liver biopsy asap! My liver function numbers have been rising steadily for over a year now. I have Bronchiectasis/ MAC and taking tons of antibiotics but they said doubt that is causing it to rise because it would just level back out. They are leaning more towards Auto Immune Disease...I know something is wrong just this last year I have been diagnosed with lung disease, Barretts Disease, my liver, AT3, Tia's. they are also check chromisomes, Its pretty scary to be 50 and have a horrible year..any thoughts?

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  • Long term medication can certainly cause liver disease and some meds are more likely to do this than others, for example statins and some antibiotics. Autoimmune Liver Disease can be controlled by medication and without the medication people progress to cirrhosis and worse, so I guess your docs want to make a diagnosis for you asap and not put you on the wrong treatment plan.

  • Thank you for your reply Bolly..its such a long process I have know my liver was elevated now for over a year.. Repeatedly they said lets just watch it...slowly it would elevate every month of bloodwork.. then when I finally go insurance all kinds of things are being diagnosed. I live in the US.. and we dont have the best of care. But I am glad they finally want to get the ball rolling. My energy level has gotten very low in the last few weeks. Feeling weird not normal. Im ready to feel better....its been a awful year.

  • I'm having a horrible year too but getting a biopsy will let you know hopefully what's happening to your liver, so you can start the right medication in order to make you feel better. I had mine 4 months ago. Wish you all the best!

  • Thank you Marianthi, Im ready to feel better..I wonder sometimes if there is some connection to everything I have. I was 49 when I started getting diagnoses with so many different diseases that could not have a good outcome. And not reversible. Wonder if there is something underlying that is not working with my body? So strange how everything is connected in some way. How did your biopsy turn out if I may ask.?

  • I haven't had any serious health problems until 7 months ago that I was diagnosed after many test that I have AIH with overlap syndrome after finally had a biopsy 4 months ago.

  • Gosh Marianthi, its a good thing they figured it out..its been a very long year for me...Im tired, suffer from complete exhaustion, I have so much wrong with me just from this year needs to be my time for healing..

  • I hope that things will get clear for you after biopsy....! I've been hospitalized for 40 days until the doctors let me go home, been through a very bad time but hopefully I will get better by time ... :)

  • I hope you feel better soon. being sick is never any good for anyone. Thank you for the chat will keep everyone posted.

  • Hi Shirley sorry to hear this. My husband was diagnosed with liver disease and then Bronchiectasis. He was found to have little known genetic condition know as Alpha 1 Anti Trypsin Deficiency, it causes liver and lung disease.

    Please make sure when you have the biopsy they are aware of this condition and test for it. It can be seen with the PAS test on the biopsy and a blood test can also detect it. Have any of your family suffered with Lung or liver problems? Emphysema is the main lung condition.

    Good luck let me know how you get on.

  • My mother has Chirrhosis of the Liver, and lung problems. But they said it was from fatty liver disease. Since her problem is bad enough for transplant Im sure they did the Auto Immune test on her.. They also got a biopsy from her...her and I are both patients at the same facility but different Dr's. Im thinking it would be easier if they have us both under the same roof and they could check on all that stuff. I did not know Bronchiectasis could come from that. That is something new I learned. I have MAC but Im sure the Bronchiectasis came first...I would just want them to figure it out..tired of feeling so I dont have one more ounce of energy left..Im at the end of that rope...not sure I can feel any worse.

  • My bloodwork came back yesterday and I am positive ANA, they think I have autoimmune hepatitas, and PBC.. I am in a whole other realm. Can not believe that all of this has happened in a year...Bronchiectasis, MAC then all of this..How do you stay strong. Im still young and have so many medical conditions. Feel like just giving up.

  • Just a positive ANA is not a diagnosis of AIH. To be a definite you need to have elevated ALT or AST, elevated IgG, positive ANA and AMA, interface hepatitis on biopsy, predominantly lymphoplasmacytic infiltrate, and a good response to steroid drug treatment.

  • The biopsy will answer your questions and these days it is a simple procedure. It is worth getting it done and you will then know exactly what is wrong and you will be able to get the best treatment...good luck..

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