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Hi I have results of biopsy .....and need help. It says there is a lot of scaring on the liver with dense bridging fibrosis and early nodularity. ..Pressure measurent 4 mmHg..... I have ever drank alcohol but its a fatty liver I’m 73. and walk swim and am or thought fit I weigh 11 st but been advised to lose more and keep good control of diabetes and cholesterol.. very worried will do all I can but am I going to die soon .HELP PLEASE

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Phone the nurses on here, they’re very knowledgeable and will reassure you.

Hi can you tell me the number please

It’s on here somewhere. I’m not good at navigating on here.

Helpline details at:-

Call the helpline

The British Liver Trust Helpline is a lifeline for anyone affected by a liver condition. Call 0800 652 7330 between 10am and 3pm Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays) or email (emails can be sent at any time and are answered during helpline hours).

Helpline calls are subject to monitoring by our Liver Nurse Manager and on occasion calls will be recorded. We do this to train staff and to monitor and evaluate the service.

If your call isn’t connected to an available nurse straight away, please continue to try to get through. Please note that the helpline is an inbound only service, our Liver Nurses are unable to make any outbound call-backs that are requested through voicemail.

Hi thanks you can I reverse this or am I going to get really ill . I’ll do anything Help

As you've been told by doctors and as advised in my post to you on your other thread you have to lose weight if carrying too much, watch what you eat, carry on exercising and looking after your diabetes.

I sent you links to BLT page on NAFLD and it details what you can do to improve matters also the finds of the study into which diet is best for NAFLD. You can always improve the condition of the liver, even early cirrhosis is now deemed reversible to a degree and even if it were to worsen it isn't the end of the world.

My hubby has had a diagnosis of full on cirrhosis since April 2012 when he almost died from decompensated symptoms. He has since stabilized and although he still has cirrhosis he is living life the best as possible. He walks often (yesterday managing an amazing 12 1/2 miles and today a 4 mile jaunt).


Wow 12 years and walk all those miles how is that . I’m reading on here that I’ve got three years and I’m going to be ill but I’m going to be really good. Thanks for your reply your help img me so much as I’m in a state of panic.

Forget any talk of life expectancy etc. you have to improve your health your way and live life the best you can.

Like I say my hubby was at deaths door on 23rd April 2012 suffering a massive upper GI bleed from burst varices. He went on transplant list in 2014 but stablized enough to come off the list after 10 months. All this time later he is doing great in the grand scheme of things. Ok he can't work any more and gets confused and these walks only happen on good days and he pushes himself to do them and will often be chronically fatigued after but he doesn't dwell on his condition day in day out he just lives life.

His condition hit him for six and really did come out of the blue he's life long t-total & was a super fit long distance walker then wham - cirrhosis of the liver.

He gets very depressed because he can't walk the 100 mile and other challenge walks he used to compete in but the distances he is managing are fantastic for someone with a liver in such a bad state as his. He's currently awaiting a scan to identify some lesions that showed up on his latest ultrasound but he isn't stressing the what if's. He's just desperate for lockdown to come off so we can hit the road in our caravan and get our rucksacks on for some super days in the hills.


Thank you so much Katie. Didn’t say I’m 73 and thought I was fit . Pat

Hubby turns 60 in a couple of weeks.

Ooh thank you you’ve lifted me out of my panic I’ll never forget you .

Glad to be of help.

Keep on, keeping on.

Katie :)

laura53923 in reply to AyrshireK

Sounds like hubby is on the up again Katie? X 😀

AyrshireK in reply to laura53923

Still fed up about not being able to do the 'mountains' - he had a real depression on Sunday but bounced back when he went off to reccie a longish road walk with a hill at start and finish which he's planning on doing on Friday.

Just his 'limitations' smacking him in the face for a few days.


laura53923 in reply to AyrshireK

Good for him but yes must be tough. I'm sure that walk in Friday will do him good x

Hi Coligate,

Firstly, do indeed give the British Liver Trust helpline a call. I'm sure they will be very helpful and will go a long way to easing some of your fears.

Secondly, dont believe all that you read on the Internet. There are tens of thousands of papers that will give you thousands of different answers to the same question.

Thirdly, just having lots of scarring and possibly cirrhosis doesn't mean its going to be the death of you any time soon. In many instances progression of cirrhosis can be pretty slow, particularly if you take away or very much reduce whatever is causing the damage. That could either be through lifestyle changes or specific medication. I'm sure you'll find on here or on other sites many people who gave lived with cirrhosis for many many years and are still going strong.

The liver is a pretty resilient little beastie, even with a fair bit of damage it is able to work pretty well. You say you are a fairly fit and active 73 year old, that is great and should help a lot to preserve the healthy parts of your liver and help slow down any scarring process that may still be active.

Coligate123 in reply to Kristian

Thank you Kristian I’ve been awake a lot of the night try to get myself to relaxe . Pat

Kristian in reply to Coligate123

Yes, such diagnosis can be disconcerting. Its good to be prepared for what may come but dont try and over think it. Its just something to be managed over time, not something to let rule over you.



As the members have said, do call our nurse team. 10am to 3pm 0800 652 7330

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