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High ALT linked to Cholesterol?

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Just a bit about my background. Im 30 years old 2 months postpartum with high cholesterol which I'm 99% sure is genetic as my sister has it and actually suffered a heart attack at 31 years old (she also has diabetes poorly controlled and smokes) i have had a blood test that has come back with a ALT of 74 which my doc didn't seem concerned about as she said it can come with high cholesterol. I have started on low dose statins and a low fat diet. Apparently my ALT was raised 4 years ago on a liver function test but this was never mentioned to me. And to top it all off my bloods have come back looking like I have an overactive thyroid too and suffering from palpitations causing an irregular heartbeat!

A second opinion from a friend of mine that is a GP has said I should he referred for a ultrasound on my liver which has now been referred

Am I right to be worried about possible fatty liver disease? I have a BMI of 29 (but don't look like it)

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Hi I was in my late 20s when NAFLD was diagnosed. My first alt was nearly 200. I was put on 40mg of atorvastatin and supralip 160 which is a feno fibrate. At that point my cholesterol wasn’t too bad but it did go up. My alt now settled at around 70-80. Still double what it should be but it’s normal for me. I’m now 52. I have scans every 3 years. And regular blood tests. I also suffered with my bowels and a few years ago finally got diagnosed with bile acid malabsorption. I also have a couple of gallstones. My doctor says they are all linked. I now take various meds and vitamins as the malabsorption has left me deficient in many. My lipid profile is all high Triglycerides, gamma gt. I wasn’t overweight in my 20s or 30s but weight started going up in my 40s. I’m also going through menopause slowly which is really delightful! Anyway my NAFLD hasn’t got worse, it’s still fatty. I have joint issues so exercise is difficult. But if you stay fit and eat healthy there’s no reason why you can’t live a normal life and hopefully reduce the fat in your liver. Good luck x

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Do you know what causes the bile malabsorption?

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There are various reasons. Damage to part of bowel, gallbladder removal, or surgical reason (like mine) but eating fatty food means more bile is released to digest and then is too much to be reabsorbed. So cutting out bad fats helps and bile binders.

Good morning Bwrd,

A 'one off' elevation in a blood test may not have any significance, but as you say it has been elevated before, may I suggest you ask your doctor to repeat your liver blood tests, and if it remains elevated perhaps a full liver screen including an Ultrasound scan.

I have included a link ot liver disease tests explained .


Take care,


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