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I've just switched to a new surgery. My new GP is nice, but obviously isn't au fait with my health issues just yet - so when she told me blood tests showed high cholesterol I brushed it off by explaining that it was deemed normal for me years ago, when it was 4.5 - but it's now at 6.8!

My diet is generally good (fish, chicken, veggies, pulses) and exercising isn't really an option with ME/CFS (my sister, who also has the condition, suggested yoga for beginners). The only think that my GP and I can identify as the culprit is the fact that I have a functioning but cirrhotic liver, and I've ordered a low cholesterol recipe book (my husband has high blood pressure and I think he'll benefit as much as I probably will).

My heart is already struggling (thumping heavily and painfully at times) and now I know why. What I don't know is how to fight this when my liver is possibly the only cause. Any suggestions, please?

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  • How would your new dr know you had a cirrotic liver? I have had cirrhosis 9yrs and in end stage but never ever had high cholesterol.. obviously with your other health problems this is the cause but you need further investigation regarding the liver .best to see your new gp again

  • She knows because she mentioned slightly (only very slightly) dodgy liver results when she phoned me, and so I tidied that one up for her. Apparently it explains most of the cholesterol issue even though my liver isn't actively deteriorating, and hasn't been for almost four years now (we seem to have put a halt on the progress of the cirrhosis between myself and my liver consultant).

    She wants me to have another blood test in three months, and I'm hoping that I'll have found ways to get the cholesterol down by then. It's even possible that this is a temporary glitch (which has happened before - along with my thyroid and a few other things), so I'm trying not to worry too much just yet :)

  • Well that's good news! Great to hear that you have had no more liver issues . I'm sure you will bring your cholesterol levels down. Fingers crossed all will be ok 😊x

  • Thank you! My sister's a bit of a fitness guru, so I'm sure I can get my levels back on track with her help, and looking more closely at my diet and trying to exercise on my good days seems like the best plan for now :) x

  • Oh well your lucky there then lol. Good healthy eating so cutting out fats and bad saturated fat with some gentle excersise will be good for you.

  • Yes, the saturated fats are what you need to watch out for; I wouldnt overly worry yourself; But, Eat Broccolli, eat granola (not the ones that are too sugary though); Porridge, eat any unsalted nuts, Walnuts, eat Rye Bread, Granary Bread. Eat fruit & Veg in general. Mine is a bit high, but im struggling to lower it. Good luck.

  • I never need an excuse to eat broccolli - or any other brassica (or any other veg) for that matter! I'm not keen on fruit, but I do have fruit juice most mornings, and a friend of mine said her GP had told her to eat oats (which is fine by me, as I love porridge and muesli). I'm fairly sure I have rye flour in the house to make rye bread with, so no problem there either, and I've always preferred granary, brown and seeded loaves.

    Good luck to you, too. Has yours gone down even a little?

  • That's good. A little. But I recently gave up smoking so it's been tough. But good luck to you. Oh. And yes. Good advice given by by BLT. X

  • Hi,

    You may find it useful to read our publication 'Diet and Liver disease', see here for the link;


    However, please note that this is for general use.

    There are some special considerations that people with liver disease may need to make in their diet to stay nutritionally well and to help to manage their condition. Some of these are specific to certain liver diseases, others relate to how advanced the liver disease is.

    It would therefore be advisable to obtain specialist dietary advice from your liver specialist in the first instance. In addition, your GP could also refer you to a hospital registered dietician for more specific guidance,

    We hope that is helpful,

    Warm wishes


  • Thank you very much for this. At this point I don't think my GP is overly concerned, as she's not advised me to do anything other than look at my diet, exercise when I can and speak to my consultant about this the next time I see him. I'm to have another blood test in three months, and hopefully we'll have got my cholesterol down by that time. I'll look at the link and print it out for my husband to read, as he seems oblivious to the fact that this could have serious implications for somebody with liver disease.

    Thanks again,


  • Drinking more than what is considered moderate can raise both cholesterol and triglyceride levels so it may be that your history of 'battling the booze' has had an effect on your overall cholesterol levels.

  • I had rather suspected that. I'm hoping that my consultant or GP can get me onto a safe detox program, since "cutting down carefully" is definitely not working. I have an addictive personality, and so telling me to drink a little only means that I won't be able to stop. But I'm epileptic, so stopping dead is dangerous for me, apparently :(

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