Abnormal ALT Readings

Hi Guys,

Recently I have been feeling quite unwell. Which is beginning to worry me….

Over past few months I have been feeling a tingling sensation in my left arm, stomach and chest. Being a relatively healthy 27 years old male I never thought anything of it until it progressed and got worse. I went to see my GP regarding this who conducted an ECG and advised me that nothing was wrong and put it down to panic/anxiety attacks. During this check-up, my GP advised me to get some blood testing done.

I recently went for this blood test which found my liver ALT reading at 51. A second round of blood testing was conducted, where I abstained from alcohol for a week, which again found an abnormal liver ALT reading but this time showed as 65 (everything else was fine). The general lab guideline for ALT are 0-40.

The doctor didn't sound to concerned and has simply told me to stay away from drinking alcohol for 6-8weeks as it may take this amount of time to fully clear my liver before a third blood test is carried out. This however has been playing on my mind and after reading some internet forums regarding liver damage, cirrhosis, cancer....this has begun to worry me.

Has anyone has similar issues? Is a ALT reading of 65 something to worry about? Does anyone have any useful tips on how I can assist my liver during this cleansing/healing phase?? I am drinking plenty water and taking vitamin B complex supplements.

Any advice will be very helpfully.

Thanks in advance.

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  • Hello Monkay45, welcome to the forum. First off, I am no doctor or expert on the blood levels side of things. As you have found out your ALT level is slightly elevated - a huge rise could be indicatory of something going seriously wrong but yours is not too far above normal - different labs have different scales 5-45 being the scale some use so 51 isn't way above though it probably does indicate something is going on with your liver.

    Elevated ALT appears in fatty liver which can be alcohol or non-alcohol related and some of the viral hepatitis illnesses (has your doctor tested for those?).

    Certainly abstain from alcohol until your next test and see how it looks. I would also be requesting an ultrasound scan to see if anything is picked up on that, fatty liver can normally be diagnosed from ultrasound - even if it is that it is treatable and any further liver damage can be slowed or halted.

    I did a look on internet in answer to your question and found this page which may be of interest or use to you, especially as it looks at a suitable diet for fatty liver. Might be worth a look. fatty-liver.com/high-elevat...

    All the best to you.

    Katie :)

  • Hello Monkay,

    Reading is less than 50% over upper limit, so can understand GP not too bothered. I am assuming other readings were within range??? ALT is the important reading for liver inflammation, so you need to be honest, and consider were you drinking too much? Are you regularly taking prescribed and/or over the counter meds for anything???

    Maggie K

  • Hi Guys,

    Thanks for the link Katie. I have just taken a look and will defiantly be following the advice detailed. I think fatty liver may be an issue as I am far from following a healthy lifestyle. I am, by no means, following a really unhealthy lifestyle but could do with a lot of improvement.

    Maggie, I totally agree with being honest here. I'm not on any medication but find I consume a large amount of alcohol (20-30units) on weekends with friends. During the working week I have no alcohol whatsoever. I did abstain from alcohol when going for my second blood test.

    Ill certainly be going sober for 8 weeks and revisiting my training regime during this time.....hope this reduces my levels back to normal.

  • hi-welcome to this forum-firstly don't be too concerned-at your age even if you have fatty liver which I doubt it can certainly be reversed. I'm 30 years plus older than you and I managed to reverse fatty liver with 3 months abstinence. Some of the symptoms you describe can be caused by bingeing-pins and beedles in arm etc. If these symptoms disappear with no drinking you'll know you're on the right track. Not drinking during the week is a good start. I'll be very surprised if your liver tests are anything other than normal after a few weeks off the sauce.... keep us posted

  • Hi don't worry it's only a little elevated mine was 61 my doctor told me to wait 3 months before getting my second blood test.

    After the 3 months it went down to 29 which was fine. My doctor says it is very common to have elevated ALT. It can be caused by medication or diet etc.

    take care and don't worry by the way I'm tee total I don't drink alcohol xxx

  • I'm somewhat concerned now I've read everyone else's results on here. My partner got his ALT levels today and they were 222!!! His GP seemed very laid back about it just told him to cut down on drink and that was it really, should we be pushing for an ultrasound??

  • Hi Guys,

    Just wanted to give everyone an update.

    I went for a blood test yesterday and my ALT is down to 41 now. I was a bit impatient in waiting for the full 6-8weeks. It would seem that keeping away from the alcohol has really helped.

    I know I mentioned in my initial post that I would be returning to the gym and eating a whole lot better but must confess that this never really happened (lack of motivation).

    I certainly will be keeping away from alcohol, taking my vitamin B complex and drinking the 8-10 glasses of water per day, as I have been doing, to reduce my count further.

    @Tash70 - Does your partner lift weights?? I have read that doing such activities can cause such abnormal ALT numbers. Do get him to try the few things I have as they seem to be working for me.

    Thanks to everyone that took the time to reply on this post.

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