So I was a heavy drinker for 25 years and about a month ago went to ER with heart pains. I have not drank alcohol in 1 month. All EKG,stress test and X-rays of heart came back great. All blood work came back great- including liver tests on CBC. Had an ultrasound liver came back slightly enlarged, but everything else came back perfect. Had stool/urine samples came back normal as well. Doctor said no cirrohsis. I still do not feel myself. I have been terribly constipated and stools are very hard.(greenish/yellow in color).I get heart palpitations very rarely. (Always at night) My palms are not red and I cannot see any jaundice. My stomach is tender around my belly button, but not severe. I have lost a little weight because I had no appetite after quitting drinking, but am eating regularly now. I do feel a slight pain under my right rib, but that is not constant or very painful at all. Usually subsides in a few minutes. Could this still be my liver, or am I over thinking this? My GP does not seem concerned at all. I am a 53 years old female. Thank you!

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  • Over thinking in my opinion, but then I am no Psychotherapist.

  • If the stools continue to be green/yellow go back to your GP. Request further tests.

  • Oh and try not to drink, your body needs a break; try rethinking having alcohol in your life. Good luck x

  • Thank you. I did quit drinking a month ago, and have no desire to drink again. I am going to make an appt. at GP to discuss stools and see if further test can be done.

  • Before you gp appointment call in and get a stool sample pot. If he/she wants to send a sample off for tests they will have one and they can see what you are describing.

    Other than that I would say that your body has sent you a hefty warning that you need to take better care of yourself and your liver to prevent problems

    Rita x

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