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New blood and fibroscan results

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Hi all

5 yrs ago I was diagnosed with NASH following biopsy. I also have positive AMA and ANA. Lost 3 stone(20-17st ) all levels doing well until May 2018 when I was diagnosed with colorectal cancer. Thankfully that was dealt with through surgery only. Had massive kidney stone Sept 19 took lots of codeine tramadol and neproxen for pain. My fibroscan has gone from 8.5kpa to 13.8kpa Alt 62, ast 59and ggt 70

Waiting for repeat biopsy. Could this be PBC or PSC? Or related to the recent meds? Just feeling a bit scared.

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I'm sorry but I'm not sure. Hopefully someone will be along that is of more help than me!! Take care Lynne

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Thank you Lynne x

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No probs

Hi doodlz.

I’m sorry but like Lynne I have no idea either. Aren’t you seeing your specialist at the moment? Sounds like a concern to be raised with them....

Good luck


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Thank you Miles, I am seeing a hepatologist, but the results were a bit of a shock and I didn't really think through all I needed to know at the appointment. I guess I just needed to post my worries somewhere safe x.

Hi Doodlz4

With liver and kidneys a lot of medication can upset either. I had to make a quality v quantity life choice with my gp who has recently retired. I have a spinal cord injury incomplete as well as a liver performing at cirrhosis levels.

For pain I take ibuprofen, amitriptyline, paracetamol and codeine. I had to take them even before the injury due to a spinal compression where the injury eventually occurred. I can't take the normal neurological pain relief for spinal injury pain. Without pain relief I am in bed most of the time and have very limited mobility which is also harmful.

I know all of the above medication are not good for liver or kidneys. The best advice I can give is eat plenty of vegetables and fruit, exercise keep fats and carbs to only what you really need and even then try having safe carbs not a lot of sweet stuff. Also drink enough water. Apparently coffee might also be helpful.

Sweet stuff is my downfall and having had some major stress recently I know I undid a lot of good I had done.

Eating, drinking and sensible exercise are the best things to help. We can't always avoid medication that may be problematic but we have to work with our medical staff to see what balance we can have that we can cope with.

Make sure your specialist is aware of your concerns and ask them to work through them with you.

Good luck. I'm not a medic and I can't say what is or isn't likely to cause you problems. I can say my thoughts are with you and you need to make sure any talks with your gp or specialist need to be informative and helpful for you.

Gill x

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Thanks Gill, biopsy is on 21st Jan so not long to wait for answers. Just needed a safe space to let my worries out x


I see my specialist on 7th. Been naughty over Christmas with the food I've eaten so I'm in for a telling off. We all know we have times we get anxious the group is supportive that way.

Take care


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Hi Gill

I too see my consultant on the 7th and like you have gained weight over a couple of months due to not being at the gym daily! All being well todays the day for kicking butt and losing those pounds and tightening the muscles up! 🤣

Can I ask are you in the UK ?

Good luck with your appointment and hope you come out with some improved news and not a telling off!

Happy 2020 by the way!,


Hi Trish

I love in the uk. I live in the East Midlands.

Good luck to you as well. Got to get the eating back under control. Most naughty Christmas food has either been eaten or frozen.

Fingers crossed. Good luck with the exercise I find that more difficult as Any lower body movement is diff and upper body movement seems to cause neck problems. The joys of getting old.


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Hi there

Completely off topic but there used to be a post created by Brett11 where people were asked to put the origin of their “tags”. If I’m guessing yours right mine would be 19541976.....I wonder 😀.


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Hi Miles

If I said 61 and 40, would that answer your question about my tag? Don't ask Oldham12 she already knows.

Your tag is more interesting, if it was mine it would mean three special people, because I couldn't link it to three special events in my life I would want more. Had a lot more of rough times as well mind but they make you appreciate the good stuff.


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Hi Gill

Yes it would thank you!

Mine is far more boring - wouldn’t let me do Smiles so had to do Two Smiles then I had to rename myself for reasons I forget so the. Naturally progression is me 😀. Hahaha so so boring!

I like the idea of special events though 👍. It is hard to rank them isn’t it - but I would have to say that my TP has to rank right ip there - the start of my second life 😀👍.

Miles TwoSmiles Milo Pilo ThreeSmiles

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Sounds good to me. If I had to say special events I would put my youngest at the age of 3 sitting on top of a slide we were all night setting up at Christmas singing along to "mistletoe and wine". He has autism and rarely spoke a word let alone singing the chorus of a song at the time. The previous year had been horrendous with him.

The second would be being told I wouldn't walk again after a spinal cord injury give years ago and managing to take a few steps and seeing the consultant really smile, as I had really beaten the odds.

The last or perhaps it should be the first, would have to be our wedding day. "We don't talk any more" was number 1. Don't laugh but that is the most inappropriate song for my other half and me. Thinking about it always makes me smile. We both work in a charity where we negotiate for family carers rights.


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Ahhh Gill those are three lovely special memories. Nice.

Phew now you have got me thinking. Hmm this may take me some time..........😀

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