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Fibroscan results

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Hi this is my second post. 12 months ago after biopsy showed NAFLD I had a fibroscan with the results cap226 and 11.8kpa. I never had follow up just a letter from gastro saying all ok and discharging me back to care of gp. Just had another fibroscan with results cap336 and 13.8kpa. Specialist nurse is confused as she expected results to have reduced not advanced as I'm not obese, fairly fit, not diabetic, don't drink any alcohol etc. She has decided to send me for a scan and refered me to new consultant. Only symptoms are some itching, and some muscle aches in left shoulder, arm and hip. Not too worried (little bit maybe) just after your thoughts. Thanks.

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Hope the new consultant will do a kitchen sink diagnostic and get to the bottom of what's going on.

Please make sure they rule out hemochromatosis (genetic iron overload), as this is a frequently missed diagnosis with mysterious liver issues. NAFLD in patients who are not diabetic or obese is unusual, so looking at other possibilities may be wise.

You can get the ball rolling with a ferritin blood test from your GP, & have the result with you when you have your initial appointment with your new liver doc.

Best of Luck, & let us know what your final diagnosis is.

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Been for blood tests today so I will post something when I know

I think you might be imagining the symptoms or reading up to much as my kpa score is double yours and I am post transplant and I don't have any itching, pain .... Mine is nafld as well I don't drink .. it could be your diet have you changed anything to improve your score? There is a lot of hidden fat in everything we eat and some people tolerate it better than others ... A fibroscan isn't a hundred percent accurate either, my transplant hospital haven't jumped on it either they will monitor over time ... I have changed my diet completely I check every label going and I eat mainly lean meat, veg, fish you have to be honest with yourself to make a difference

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Thanks I think you may have something as I haven't got the best diet. Cheers.

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No worries I have also cut sugar out it's amazing how much of it we eat .. once I was honest with myself it was an eye opener just write everything down you eat and drink for a fortnight and don't cut it all out at once but small changes make big differences

Just looked at your first post 6 months ago... Your ferritin was 3000 and you weren't referred to hematology? YIKES!

I'd light a fire under their butt pronto. You need a full iron lab, including transferrin saturation and iron binding capacity from your GP.

Your new consultant will need these done in order to refer you to start treatment. Get these done now and this will expedite the process.

Your not alone, I had no follow up after being told I had severe fibrosis. I am now under a Liver Centre in Liverpool. This site is excellent and I did not realise just how many things cause liver disease. Mine is due to prescribed meds, sorted my psoriasis but has damaged my liver . At least now you are getting the right attention. Hope you are seen soon, then get answers Hazel

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Thanks Hazel. Hopefully something will happen this time. Wyn.

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