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Fibroscan results

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Hi All just had my results through ,my liver is getting stiffer and as i said in my last post im waiting for an outpatient appointment which is now in april as they need to discuss further investigation,they have concerns i may need to have a biopsy to see it scar tissue is being laid down which could lead to cirrhosis, As i said in my last post im not a drinker i eat healthy and excerise so starting to get a little worried now ...

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Are your LFT normal? Were other possible diseases that might damage your liver ruled out? Like AIH, hemochromatosis, Wilson's, HCV, HBV?

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My lft levels havnt been right since i had my gallbladder removed in2018 i havnt had any more bloods done for 11 months as due to shortage of blood bottles so i dont know what they are now , i have an appointment in april to find out what happens next so just a waiting game at the moment ...

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Good luck. Maybe just ask doctors for possible diseases and if they are an option in your situation.

May I ask what were your kpa scores?

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My score has gone from f9 last feb to f11 this year so was a shock to receive this ...

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I see. You have to wait for your appointment. Sometime fibroscan can be overstimated by inflammation. Moreover also all tests should be considered to have a full picture (ultrasound, LFT, more accurate blood tests, symptoms, family diseases).

So try not to worry too much until further steps.

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Thank you for your replys il keep you all updated ..

Sprry my score was 9 last year to 11 this so gone from f2 to f3 now

Hello Nala.... Can I ask the reason for your gall bladder removed please? I was creating gall stones galore but I had Cirrhosis F4. I also had my gallbladder removed and had a roox loop procedure. (I had to a ask my surgeon what that was) I only found out with my discharge letter.

Danny x

Hi i had gallstones so they removed it also found out same time i had high bloodpressure but thats under control with tablets so keeping my fingers crossed that i can get my liver sorted aswell ...

I had chuffing 11 of the little bliters, gall stones I mean. I had to cut down fatty foods, saturated fat foods like crisps and cheesy crackers. Do you know what caused your gall stones?

No all i know is i couldnt eat anything fried at the time its still the same now plus bread i struggle with so im on a bland sorta food lol oats and blurberries for breakfast i just changed from milk to almond milk just gona try anything to help at the moment ..

I'm not 👃 nosey 😂... I just know that my bile duct byepasses my pancreas now and goes straight into my bowel. (Roox loop) so anything bile related flows away (amazing what they can do). Maybe try asking if that is related to your liver because you did mention things changed after your gallbladder was removed. Your bile duct will still go into your pancreas.Just a thought I'm not a doctor but I did live through it.

Anyway on a cheerier note I've had 2 gall stones trapped (wow does it hurt)and not anymore..... Whoop 😏

Worth asking ,good news about them sorting your trapped gallstones great talking to you this morning ...

No worries. Everyone is friendly you'll see... Get some work done.... hahahaha... I'm one to talk...🤔😆I'll be working soon 🤞

Im just getting to go lol ...

Nalabana, I wish you the best on finding out why your KPA went up. I still have a gut on me from my eating frenzy when I stopped drinking. Got a bit out of hand at a BMI of 29 when I had the fibroscan. I'm supposed to weigh around 150 or so. The reason I bring it up is a high BMI of 30 or more can mess with the results as well. I'm assuming you have a fairly low BMI considering your diet and exercise?

Hi As i said in an earlier post im overweight but not obese ,i should be an ideal weight with what i eat etc but i struggle with it mainly because the job im in i dont get regular breaks and i was eating on the go but over the last 2 weeks ive made sure i sit down and have a break so eating tidy and im praying that il loose some extra pounds ...

Oh ok. Yeah as you eat cleaner it should help with your liver. I ate out allllll the time prior to my visit to the ER.

When i say i eat on the go i dont mean takeouts lol sorry i dont explain very good , i work in a busy catering site so il grab small snacks when i could instead of sitting down and eating tidy meals id get some pasta or sandwich and rush to eat it then i wouldnt eat it all so going without food aswell....

Hello Nala, alright pushthrough, maybe you need to try a little harder for a 3 square meals a day. Your liver might be struggling with breaking toxins down with the constant "snack and run", Definitely if it's playing up a little.

Hi yes i have now so fingers crossed it will help..

Coolio 😎, all the best possible luck in the world.🤞Danny x

It doesn't sound like you are that far off in your eating, that is to say, you're eating vegetables and fruit, right? Maybe the occasional extra sandwich on the go, as you said. That is not enough to further fibrosis usually, especially if you are near an ideal body weight. So, let's see...are you drinking coffee? Are you walking enough? You should aim for 3 cups of coffee a day. It helps in general with the liver. Also, there are these odd things that can damage the liver: some medications, so-called "healthy" diet supplements, even too much iron in vitamins. Your blood tests will help point the way to answers.

Hi i drink decaf tea and coffee as i have high bloodpressure and i take tablets for it but i will say i dont drink much coffee until i read it was good for the liver ,i do go walking as ive been out today but through the week i work in a busy catering kitchen so on my feet all day i and i can do over 10,000 steps in day easy so im active most of the time .

Hiya I was the same I had a Kpa score of 14 and said I don’t understand why I always ate healthy didn’t drink much etc until I discovered I had Alpha1 antitrypsin deficiency disorder request to get tested for it

Thank you for your reply i will look into to that..

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