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Stem Cell Treatment

A little while ago I mentioned that liver transplants could one day become a thing of the past. Day by day the use stem cell treatment and research brings us closer to finding a cure for liver disease.

HIV positive man in London becomes second person ever to be cleared of virus after stem cell transplant:

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Thank you Richard64 for sharing. I just heard this on the news. If he remains in remission it could be an incredible medical breakthrough and step forward in stem cell research.



Hi Richard,

Thank you for the information.



Really keeping my fingers crossed!!!


Thank you Richard. That's great, let's hope more people can have the stem cell transplant. Take care Lynne


Thanks Richard, this is what I am holding out for .. a wonderful thought that new possibilities are getting closer


Thank you Richard64 for the encouraging message. I’ve been researching the possibility of getting stem cell either from Europe or from wherever success has been proven. Do you have more information about success of stem cell for cirrhotic liver? Thank you. Beefeater


Try PlacidWay, you may have some success. If you need to know anything else PM me.


Thanks a lot, Charl1e. I do want to know much more. I’m so interested.


Sadly not, l heard about the newspaper article and thought others may like to know about it. It would appear that this form of treatment isn't going to be made available to everyone. There is a general feeling that the moden drugs used today, are enough to control HIV. But l dont think that these drugs are a complete cure.

I believe more information is definitely needed.


Thanks Richard64 for the reply. Probably in the younger generation, researches will result in at least improving quality of life and more so to replace damaged portions of the liver with newer cells.


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