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Stem Cell research or is it now Frankenstein reborn


Time to move on from my last post.

Those who have been interested in my previous post into Stem Cell research will be astounded by this latest revelation. In my last post on this subject I mentioned how it was hoped that liver transplants may one day become a thing of the past, and that with future stem cell treatment, the human liver would be able to totally regenerate cirrhotic tissue:

One of the main stumbling blocks in the past has been how these stem cells were harvested. How things have changed in such a short space of time.

An article published just yesterday, is quite frankly very frightening. It is entitled, "Forget sperm and eggs, researchers have created embryo stem cells from skin cells":

This should start some interesting healthy debate. I can see how this would be seen as a blessing by gay couples, and those unable to conceive naturally. It could make artificial insemination a thing of the past. And make men redundant.

A world without men... God help us.

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The title alone has peeked my interest. I have been following your posts in the stem cell research. I havent commented yet as im still trying to absorb it all and consider all the variables. Needless to say its incredibly interesting stuff, keep it coming!

Hello Richard. I haven't read much about it yet, but find this topic fascinating. And of course, selfishly, I wish my new liver would come in pill form, with few or no side effects! What a breath-taking step for mankind. There are all sorts of implications, most of them ethically challenging, to say the least.

If only I’d of hung on for few years 😂.typical. Oh well.🙄

Bootandall in reply to Popel

Some of us have to do everything the hard way 😋💩😹

Popel in reply to Bootandall



Israel truly is leading the way in medical breakthroughs. Only the other day they created the first 3D printed heart using human cells!

Bootandall in reply to Hidden

Wow that's awesome!

Very interesting post as always Richard, and just one very good reason why you should stay on the forum.




take care Lynne

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