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All forum members please read

This online community is run by the British Liver Trust and is overseen by moderators and admin staff who do their best to safeguard all members and run it to provide a safe and supportive place to share experiences and find information and support related to liver conditions.

Participation in the British Liver Trust online community should always be with respect, honesty and in the spirit of supporting and learning from fellow users.

Recently there have been a number of inappropriate and abusive posts/comments that have not been made with this in mind which have caused distress to other members. This is not acceptable and any abusive comments towards any member or admin/moderator cannot be tolerated and action will be taken to remove them from the forum.

British Liver Trust

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and its not even admin who are abusive thats that annoys me if they want a job they should apply for it, its not our job to tell people what the can and cant write. maybe it makes them feel important

in reply to grace111

I haven’t seen any abusive Admin, Grace. Have you got your sentence a little tangled? What you are saying is that as well as Admin who are abusive other non admin people who are abusive annoy you as well?

Is that what you really meant?


grace111 profile image
grace111 in reply to

no i dont think admin are abusive. why does it matter to you.

in reply to grace111

I was trying to be helpful in pointing out that you had made an error which, inadvertently I hope, was critical of the Admin. There was no need to respond in that aggressive manner.

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Divg in reply to grace111

I think you might have misread the post. The admin are saying abusive posts will be taken down, nothing about admin (or helpful forum members) being the abusive ones.

in reply to Divg

That really was my point divg. You put it so much more eloquently though 😁👍


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Casinobo in reply to grace111



I seem to have missed something here? What happened?

Wow. Was there really any need to be so aggressive?

Your initial post did not make sense and someone was just trying to be helpful.

in reply to Dave5

Thank you Dave. Exactly, bit sad really ☹️.


That's a bit of an overreaction, it didn't make sense and I thought pilomilo put that across in a polite way, it certainly didn't warrant that reaction. 😳

No! What really happened? There was a post that I replied to that was removed? At least it weren’t me innit 😂

in reply to Brett11

I don’t know that one innit 😁 maybe the great freddy saw it?

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alfredthegreat in reply to

Hi Milliop. I was still in the land of nod when this all happened. Having read the post under discussion I judge your reply to be nothing but informative and polite. If we were all to post on here and then tell any person replying to 'mind their own business' then what a strange site it would be, lol.

I really don’t want to prolong this discussion. But I have to defend myself - I did NOT “tell you off”.

I agree with everything you said Trust1. Keep up the good work!!!!!


in reply to davianne

Thank you David.

🙄 Just the sort of response that leads to problems!

Great work admin!

in reply to Roy1955

Thank you.

The ability to reply to this post has been turned off.

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