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All members please read- suspect messages being sent

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Hi all,

Some of the forum members have recently contacted us about a HU follower who has been personal messaging them saying they are looking for funds for cancer treatment and directly requesting money.

This follower has been sending personal messages to other users on other forums and HU are aware but they keeps changing his username so is hard to find.

Please be alert and aware if you receive any messages like this and do not reply. Please report to HU via the 'report' button that can be found next to any message or post. Also, please inform British liver Trust admin if there are any posts and we will take immediate action.

Many thanks,

Best wishes,


5 Replies
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Thank you for keeping us informed.


in reply to mncold

Thanks Mary

Hello Trust Admin

We have a glossry somewhere but i keep losing it (despite requests there are stll loads of losts with acronyms that mean someting to the poster but not others perhaps).

Could you please put bookmark or put homepage?

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AyrshireK in reply to

This is the link to the Glossary thread. You could open it up and book mark it on your own device so you can refer back to it in the future.

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Oh you’re too clever! Thanks again.


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