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So, I've been chatting with Danny and it has crossed my mind a few times for some of us to meet and say hi. Then Danny suggested it.

I'd really like to put faces to the names and all the kind words people have taken time to write here.

We are all in the same boat HMS LiverProblems and I thought it would be nice to put down the oars, stop rowing and get up on deck for a cup of tea, a slice of cake and a few photos to post on here.

I'm on the east coast, Danny is "oop north" and I am happy to meet anywhere that is the best place for people to travel. If anyone would like to come along and check out my ugly mug :) have a smile, laugh and chat ... that would be wonderful.

Any suggestions for location and dates are very very welcome... Especially if you own the hilton hotel and are offering a 2 week all expenses paid package :D


35 Replies
Ubwa profile image

I'd be up for that, I am pretty much in the middle

in reply to Ubwa

Sure, the midlands, that is a good place to get to by road or train or coach.

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Dave like we chatted I'm up for anywhere around the middle of the country. I'm roughly in the middle. That is fine with me. 😀Infact it may help with anxiety and recovery. X

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I have been having troubles sleeping since being discharged I know it's down to the operation anywho...We might be able to catch some January sales.

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Hi Dave, I'd like to think I'd be able and up for that when the weather picks up in early spring, particularly as it sounds a very proactive and positive initiative! I was rushed into hospital at the start of August this year (2021). I had lost 4 stone, down from just over 13 stone to 9 stone and was literally a bag of bones. Everything seemed to have happened very quickly. I was diagnosed with Edema in the ankles, Ascites in the stomach, Cirrhosis of the Liver, Hepatic Encephalopathy, and Peripheral Neuropathy in the hands - the list goes on!

I was discharged after five days (tells you what they expected!) and since the day I was discharged I have had an absolutely superb support team, including two excellent Liver Consultants, expert interdisciplinary assessments by a professional clinical support team covering Physiotherapy, Dietetics and Nutrition, Clinical Pharmacy and Occupational Therapy who meet monthly and review my progress, including the results of monthly blood tests.

After broadly four months, I am just starting to put weight on, to stand and walk without assistance and get up and down the stairs. My November blood tests showed everything except my Albumin was spot on, however, I am not so misguided as to believe that I can be cured, simply that my situation can be better managed, and perhaps my life might be extended by a few years.

So yes, I think meeting others who have gone through similar would be great. I am based in Glasgow, but travel shouldn't be a problem so long as the location has an airport or it's on a mainline train route.


in reply to Bashful_1

Hi David, that is a very good point, access to an airport would make travel a lot easier for people. :)

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Zukosmile07 in reply to Bashful_1

Hi David. You sound very optimistic and positive which is perfect for what Dave and I was hoping for. Normal people who suffer with the nasty effects of the disease. Just a day off with others who know exactly where you are coming from. Be a pleasure to meet and I hope you can make it. Danny

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That sounds great but I’m near Gatwick airport and because I’m waiting THE call i can’t travel to far it will probably be the same for a lot of people. I’m wondering wether we could organise a north, middle and south meetings then send pictures to each other 🤔.Stay Safe All

Dogbot 🐶🌈

Hi Dogbot

THE call is more important than anything else.

The last time I was at Gatwick I was flying back from a Frankfurt ICU after being knocked off my motorcycle and dragged along the Autobahn :) It didn't put me off fast bikes or Germany.

Everything is up for discussion and multiple locations or dates is a good idea. Perhaps a few of us can meet up in January and later have a few group meets when it gets warmer.

Having a few meets might allow people to be able to get to one of them. :) or to get to more than one. I'm always up for a road trip :)

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Nice idea fella.....I'm. just outside the potteries,s-o-t. again....good to meet folk face to face.....liver disease. can be so lonely at times...cheers chris

in reply to redpoint72

Excellent Chris

Birmingham is looking like a possible venue... if that's where we meet, don't wear your Stoke City F.C. top lol :D

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Bashful_1 in reply to

Birmingham works for me...

Zukosmile07 profile image
Zukosmile07 in reply to Bashful_1

Looks like it is Birmingham. Looking forward to seeing each and everyone.Danny

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Lils2019 in reply to

That reminded me of when our son was in Birmingham childrens for an op, I wore my wolves fleecy jacket, and my husband said to me you’re seriously not gonna wear that in Brum 🤣🤣 A meet up sounds fab, however not sure we would be able to do it with the way his health is at the moment, but always nice to keep our options open though.

We’re down in Gloucestershire so Brum not to far away from us.

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Zukosmile07 in reply to redpoint72

Brilliant looking forward to seeing everyone! Danny

redpoint72 profile image

dunna panic fella....i wouldn't offend any 1 with that😄. ye brum would b fine for me,well,anywhere really...i don't mind abit of a drive at all. Nice idea though fella...chris

Zukosmile07 profile image

Nice one Dave that works for Millie as well. X

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Hi guys would definitely be up for a meet up,will it be a free bar.!!,I hope that didn't offend anyone at all,by that comment,!! Sure we are all here for a reason,joking apart lovely little place just off M5 south,Droitwich spa,got a great range of hotels ,close to Brum,great little place.but would be nice to put a face to a name and share some stories, don't really mind meet up point.hope your all well,

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Ubwa in reply to Charloy

I live in Droitwich :)

Charloy profile image
Charloy in reply to Ubwa

Hi,have some fantastic memories when I lived there,amphlett way,!! God long time ago,worked also for a while at hadzor hall, beautiful old house,often visit niece in Dudley and stay in Droitwich love the walks,,maybe book a room in the famed chateau impney.wish I could only afford to move back.will have to settle for Spain in a year are so,Dave.

Well Birmingham seems like the perfect location for many so we just need a date and a place to meet up. I'm going to stay overnight maybe two (look at me getting all cosmopolitan :) ), as I am sure others will as well and I hope to hear everyone's story. As Trust has already mentioned in another post, we should not divulge anything that could be used for phishing. So first names or if you prefer, your forum nickname. I'm looking forward to some smiles, maybe a hug (covid permitting) and a group photo

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Charloy in reply to

Hi,just a thought I'd probably need some notice as I'm about to start work in a condom factory !! It's only temporary cover though.!!!!Sorry.!!!,just write a lot of one liners.P.S hope I didn't offend.its nice to have such good positive feedback,after what seems like a journey of bad news.apoligies again.

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I agree probably stay a couple of nights maybe catch up as well with some old friends from when I worked at land rover,Solihull,not too far really for good !!

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Im down in the south wales valleys Birmingham is a bit of a drive for me 🙈🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

in reply to Glenfaba123

When it gets warmer, maybe we can organise a road trip to Wales... will we need a passport? 😆

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Glenfaba123 in reply to

Most definitely 🤣🤣

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Charloy in reply to

Hi, passport maybe needed only to Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch.maybe !!!.

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Zukosmile07 in reply to Glenfaba123

I'm off to Wales soon. I don't mind. I have a free hotel to stop in. That's if he wants the boiler to work. 😊

I've been checking out hotels and travelodges start at £32 for a night (2 people in a double bed). Travelodges are all over Birmingham and close to Birmingham new street station where I will be arriving. Once there I do not care where I travel to stay, it would be nice if some of us can be at the same hotel, have an evening meal and tell a few jokes.

Anyone got a particular date/ day in mind?

If people want to meet up soon, we could do January... number 22 has been lucky for me, so I thought I'd get the train up on the Friday 21st, stay Friday night, Saturday night and head home Sunday so people who are popping in have all day Saturday to meet up :)

But I'm flexible, and happy to meet up whenever, wherever.

Zukosmile07 profile image

Jeese aloo Dave, definitely looking forward to meeting everyone in our not so imaginary liver boat anymore. I think only positives can come from this. Danny x

Flowergirl24 profile image

Sounds like a great idea. I’m South West but come to Birmingham for clinic. I’m waiting for my new car which is should be delivered end Dec. I haven’t driven for two years so this will be a good goal for next year!

Sounds like a great idea, I was surprised that Birmingham is only a 2 hour drive from me!!

I am waiting to be called in for an op. on my residual limb (lost part of a leg in motorbike accident 30 odd years ago) So I may be missing - but defo up for the next one.

Hi all, I know this has already been posted up by the moderator team, but thought it worth adding to this link.

Dear all,

We have noticed that some members are hoping to meet up in person.

As moderators we have a duty of care to remind everyone of our community guidelines;

'For your own safety, we strongly recommend you do NOT disclose personal information such as your full name, email address, home address, telephone number, or any other information which could directly or indirectly identify you'

If you do choose to meet up then that is outside of our forum remit and responsibility.

Many thanks for your understanding in this matter.

Best wishes

British Liver Trust

Warmest wishes


I think we will look at an event in the summer, perhaps something at the NEC so people can have a day out and say hi at some time.

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Out local liver buddies group on the SW have Zoom chats. Some of them are just chats, sometimes we have special sessions, ie yoga by one of our consultants. We then work out a place or places to meet and several of us get together. We hope soon to all get together f 2 f, but these are fun and I think we will be keeping them going, especially the special ones🙏

We are the South West Liver Buddies 👍

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