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All forum members please read- RE test results and asking for medical advice.

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Hi everyone,

Thank you for joining our online liver community. We are delighted to see it has grown to over 10,000 members!

However, we have noticed another increase in followers posting test results and asking for medical advice.

This forum is here to share experiences and provide support to each other and we would advise against posting any test results or asking for specific medical advice. This is not a medical forum and should not be used to try and make diagnoses or replace advice from your own medical practitioners who have a much wider view of your health and test results.

Please do read our pinned community guidelines.....

Many thanks for your ongoing support and understanding.

British Liver Trust team

7 Replies
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I understand that HealthUnlocked is not a medical forum. However, it seems that many people in the community really do not know how to interpret their results and have a deep, emotional need for clarification and support. Maybe HealthUnlocked could re-think what postings would be acceptable to the community, perhaps with caveats that answers to questions are best guesses and not written by doctors.

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If you struggle to understand medical test results I suggest you ask your medical team as and when you are given them. Have a notepad and pen and get them to explain it in terms you understand and write it all down. You will find if you ask them to help you understand it all, they will realise you are interested and will be happy to spend the time you need to learn what all the results mean. Good luck x

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Hi Tinypixie,

There is great advice from Laura below.

It is very important to obtain specific interpretation of your medical test results from your own doctors, as differences in normal range for different laboratories can make it difficult to compare or comment on individual test results specifically. This is due to the different brand of tests that are used and how these are interpreted.

Your own medical practitioners also have a much wider view of your health and test results and can accurately advise you.

Best wishes,


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The lab comparability point is a huge one. I've had bloodwork performed at different labs and the reference ranges were completely different. A random number of "50" for a test may be normal at one lab and high at another. It's certainly an important thing to keep in mind.

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Thats a really good point M8118.

We are also getting an increasing number of new members from different countries, which makes commenting on results and numbers even more potentially confusing/problematic.

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Hi, all. I'm not concerned about my own test results. What I am saying is that many people write in wondering and panicking about their results, and cannot get to see their medical practitioners right away (in fact, it might take months on the NHS). I believe we should be able to support them with a discussion about numbers as long as we say that we are not doctors and are making a best guess.

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Whilst we respect your thoughts, interpretation of medical results is against this forum's rules and also that of Healthunlocked.

Best wishes


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