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Can all members please read.

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This online community is run by the British Liver Trust and is overseen by moderators who do their best to safeguard all members and run it to provide a safe and supportive place to share experiences and find information and support related to liver conditions.

The British Liver Trust forum is NOT moderated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and we are not responsible for posts on the forum.

Each post expresses the view of its author, and not the views of the British Liver Trust.

Participation in the British Liver Trust online community should always be with respect, honesty and in the spirit of supporting and learning from fellow users.

Recently there have been a number of inappropriate and abusive posts/comments that have not been made with this in mind which have caused distress to other members. This is not acceptable and any abusive comments towards any member or admin/moderator cannot be tolerated and action will be taken to remove them from the forum.


15 Replies
ThreeSmiles profile image

Good one Trust9 - thank you! 👍.

in reply to ThreeSmiles

Oh my goodness ! I was just about to send out a message of concern 'Does anyone know if Miles is ok???'

Grrr! You had me worried you'd had a HA

Your concerned friend sent out PM 's yesterday and know one knew or didn't reply !

ShropshireLass x

in reply to

We should have sent a search party out!! Xxxx

gertrudestein profile image

Thanks Trust 9. As someone mentioned, it was almost as if this forum was becoming like Facebook or Twitter. FB has an excellent AIH support group (closed to non-members) which I read in conjunction with HU daily but the other things - I don't need it.

Thank you Trust9 for message! 👍🤗

Regards to you all


Isabelle2 profile image

Thanks for the reminder


Owlie profile image

Thank you Trust9! 👍

Beture47 profile image

Thank you

It was very concerning

Bs1524 profile image

Thanks from me too

Dogbot profile image

Thank you Trust9 well said please all stay safe

Dogbot 🐶🌈

1football profile image

Absolutely spot on

kyia profile image

Thank you for this reminder!

Yes, you are spot on, thank you xx

Tia2021 profile image

Thank you Trust9, kind regards to you all, x

Worrysome1 profile image

Thank you.

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