All followers please read- suspect messages being sent

Hi all,

Some of the forum members have recently contacted us about a HU follower who has been personal messaging them saying they are looking for relatives of a deceased person who died of liver lung etc problems saying there is money left to them. He is then apparently asking for a sum of money to be sent so he can release funds.

This follower has been sending personal messages to other users on other forums and HU are aware but he keeps changing his username so is hard to find.

Please be alert and aware if you receive any messages like this and do not reply. Please inform BLT admin if there are any posts and we will take immediate action.

Many thanks,

Best wishes,


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  • Clearly a scam. Amazing how low people will go.

  • Ive had a lady who done it to me

  • Really on this site? Did they get money from you?

  • That's discusting

  • I've had this person contact me on here. I thought it was for the best to report it. Some people are awful

  • Thank you Sheri

  • your welcome. Think its disgusting what he's doing. Only fair to warn other people. Pls all take care

  • Yes they are evil to pray on the weak but together we can all fight this and our illnesses together we will get rid of these vile evil peaple

  • Thank you for letting us know .. whatever next 😐. Just disgraceful

  • Hi, thank you for the warning, they can message me as much as they like I'm broke.... lol

  • he's saying I've got 7.5 million if i pay €750 for the package.. 🤔🤔where we going? 😂😂. Can laugh coz i know its a scam but i would hate anyone to think its true. Had an old lady on Instagram doing the same. Had to block her.They are very persuasive 😠😠

  • Is he still messaging you on HU Sheri? If he is, please report him.

    Best wishes,


  • no email. Stupidly i replied when he said he had a personal matter to discuss. See even i replied 😠😠

  • Yes I have fell into simalar trap .

  • Yes I got that same sort of thing sent to me but there fell on I'm penniless .

  • Ha ha ha! Brilliant! Me too

  • This is awful, how low will some people go. Thank you for informing us xxxx

  • Had the same experience with him last week.. But I told him to donate the said amount to an orphanage in his country

  • It was a lady said she had been looking for sometime now who had my surname. She said she was this mans PA and he has left a lot of money, he has no family and nobody knows about it. I never even read the rest DISGUSTING

  • that's how it went with me

  • Thanks everyone for your responses and support. If the same person contacts you with a different username please let us know and we will take action,

    Best wishes,

    BLT Admin

  • some people will sink to that level is disgusting i hope he or she has to go through the pain most of us on here are going through ,they wont get a penny of me nothing but scum bags karma

  • loved that comment brummi about the scam iam broke too so they wont get nothing off me too ha ha they can take their cap in hand else where .an i hope your keeping well x

  • I feel sick to my whole being words can't describe how much it took to be able to join on here I have PTSD.ADHD early cirrhosis and I'm a prime candidate to be fooled and we're all so unwell I'm so grateful that this post was there please I really need to be able to talk about Ian to frighten to live to frighten to die I have no team of dr I am under to many things they are not wrong I have co-morbidity s

    sorry I call helpline again thanks.

  • that's why i reported it. It's unfair on people who are sick and maybe not thinking right. I'm sorry things seem terrible for you right now. I hope someone can help best wishes

  • Hang in there Faithful. Unfortunately life has its people who try to prey on the vulnerable and tbh whilst I'm completely disgusted by this person/s actions I'm not surprised. Try not to let them spoil your use of the forum because that would also be a win for them like actually duping someone.

    Sounds like you need to go and seek professional help for your illnesses. Are your issues preventing you from getting help or are there other reasons? I'm not prying btw, so feel free to answer or not. I was just going to say that if it's down to your illnesses then try to get someone you know & trust to support you in making that initial phone call to start the ball rolling and definitely have someone to support you in going.

    I genuinely hope you manage to work through some of your stuff, but please don't let people like that prevent you from using this forum as its intended

    Take care, I'm here if want to talk and wish you all the best if you don't x

  • Thankyou for your kind words my mental health is deteriating and me daughters I'm on the complex PTSD I have no friends nothing by help they keep passing me about me liver dr good but I'm a fighter but I lost all my fighting for m my sanity my life is a never ending illness I'm worried I got to many complicated things in my health and life all I want to do issuer am please help me social services mental health they no ion living in fear.

  • Check out some of my other posts , including my post on ACT, might be helpful

  • sorry please msg me if you ever wanna talk. Both myself & my daughter who's 17 have ptsd. She also has anxiety depression and psychosis. It's really tough. Always here to talk x

  • Thank you I am in a grief stricken state of confused frightened GP constant refer us to mental health it's now after 2yrs begging they constantly refer to other things that won't help as they only deal with one thing at s time I'm badly losing the plot phoned up the 24/7 NELFT helpline to be called back as he forgot what I wanted to tell the assessment team as I said I will hot remember and can't read me writing and I thought he had fell asleep at one time as I had to say you alright are you my still there .so tommorra yes tommorra never comes like a outcome of referrals to be referred and when all fails Samaritans who can listen but not help in any way and they are 24/7 but how many times can you call sorry I just when into a trance thanks for reply .

  • Well if I get targeted they be gutted the vile b..........!!!!

  • Hi again,

    As we have said, If anyone contacts you on the forum and you think they could be scamming you please report it to HU and BLT admin.

    Best wishes,


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