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Yesterday was a special anniversary for me, my first Liversary. I spend the morning with Sandy at the Scottish Liver Transplant Unit, having a regular check up, but also saying a big Thank You to the team. I couldn't say thank you to my donor, go wrote the following

"A year ago, I got a gift, a special gift from a friend.

A special friend that I have never known or met.

A gift what came with love, compassion and courage.

By the time I got the special gift, my friend had gone.

I will never get to know my special friend, but the gift

I was left will ensure that I can live on, live on and share.

Share that love, compassion and courage

Talk to our family and friends

And pass on that gift, the gift of life"

Rest in peace my friend and thank you.

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Hi George

I thought I replied earlier but not showing!

Firstly congratulations 😁 I’ve only done 7 weeks but I am already transformed by what I can do (like walk!) compared with pre-t/p 😁

Nice thoughts of yours. I want to write to my donor’s family but it seems they (assessment team) want us to wait a bit. Have you writen before, and if so how long after the t/p was it please ( you don’t have to answer 😁)

Keep on strong, George!



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George_2017 in reply to

Hi Mile's, no haven't written yet, transplant team suggested waiting until I had improved some more, was back in hospital in Summer for 2 1/2 weeks, but as I am preparing to return to work for first time in three years, writing will be next on my list.

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Hi George

Hope you are better again? I’ve obviously got a long way to go...yoiks.

I thought that’s what my assessment team wants as well..,to be furter down the road to recovery!

I haven’t been to work for 3 years as well! I think i”ve now abandoned the thought of work. But i quite fancy volunteering and driving a buggy around the hospital lol

Hope you get back to work (meant in the nicest possible way 😁)



Beautiful sentiments. The best way to show your appreciation is to enjoy every single day and be healthy and happy. Debx

Omg George that's so beautiful,powerful & emotional all rolled into one 💗 xx

Congratulations on your one year anniversary👍 xx

And a special mention to your special friend with a amazing family 😢 xx

Take care lovely you're doing great 💪

Lisa 😀

Happy liverversary!


Your words are absolutely beautiful.

On a totally different point, is it hot today because my eyes are sweating


Yes, that special friend has given us such a beautiful present. We owe it to them to do it justice and live a full, happy (and honest) life.

Beautiful words George. Happy Liverversary, and many more to come. Look after your gift, be happy, eat and live healthy and it will look after you. Xx

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