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Thank you for everything

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Hello everybody.

I would like to thank everybody in the liver trust. I would also like to thank everybody in the liver team at the hospital. I will also love to tell them how much I love them all. Unfortunately we can only do elbow bumps ❤️.

To a very special person who I don't even know no. This person has given me the best Christmas present ever and an even better present for the rest of my life. I love you for that. (Emotional wow) 😢😭😔😏☺️😊😃😁😆😘🤗🥰

The fellow liver sufferers (cirrhosis haters) wow my imaginary people who are all traveling in this ginormous floating, same old boat. This is far from over for me (I know) we all make it easier in our own little ways. You....I couldn't of done this without you. I love you all and that will never change and neither will I. 🤣🤣🤣

Thank you everyone xxxxxxxxxx

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Such a beautiful post. I am so happy for you. You have a great attitude. Wishing you the best always! 🤗 Keep smiling!

Wow thanks, what a peach hahahaha sorry couldn't resist. X

I am so very proud for you!

Thank you x

Danny, I think your positive attitude and your sense of humour will see you coast through your recovery and I think you will make the most of every day in the future and live life to the fullest. This is definitely a win for our boat mate :)

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Zukosmile07 in reply to Gravy58

Here,here Dave, love you buddy. sectrectly I think I needed you more than you needed me. 👍😜

Hi Danny, So so very pleased that everything has gone wonderfully for you !

Your well deserving of this great gift of a new life .

You have been so very brave and so very positive through all of your posts after going through such a difficult time..

Rest up , take things slowly...

You will do absolutely just fine .

Wishing you a speedy recovery



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Zukosmile07 in reply to Millie09

Thanks Linda 😃 you ever need a smile or a cry. X

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Millie09 in reply to Zukosmile07

Most welcome Danny ☺ and thank you x

Brilliant news. Feel better soon xx

Fantastic news. What an amazing outcome for you. I’m thrilled that you’ve been able to have another bite at life without all the symptoms you’ve been having. Take it easy, don’t overdo it and wishing you the very best.

What are you talking about.... I've booked us badminton courts later today... Hahahaha 😂 x

You may be able to do a badminton court but I’m not sure I could! You take care of yourself and try not to do badminton just yet!

I know, I know. I'm being happy x

What lovely words about the donor. Well done and keep going x

Thank you ❤️

I have followed a lot of your posts since joining this forum Zuko, it is so heart warming to see that you are finally on the other side and ready to live a new life with a healthy liver

I wish you nothing but the best and hope your new liver gives you a newer lease of life

More than words my friend. X

Wonderful post. Great news. All the very best for your future. Keep smiling 😀 xx

Will do ☺️ x we as a team could do anything.... X

So true xx

What a fabulous post! Congratulations n wishing you a very speedy recovery. You deserve this, you make us all smile 😃. Gr8 start to the day x

Just be yourself it works wonders and if anything is affecting you, get checked and get results. Piece of mind is so important. X plus we are always here.x

What a heartfelt post!A much deserved second chance of life which I am sure you will grab with both hands going forward thankful and smiling. All the best to you!

Thank you sending you some love❤️

Thank you ❤

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Thank you for sharing. I am sure your positive post will provide inspiration for others.

Wishing you well,


Wonderful post and just so over the moon for you x

Thanks for all the kindness. Mad really have much genuine love is actually around. X

So glad things went well - I love your "can do" attitude!

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Zukosmile07 in reply to kyia

Thanks for your nice words 😊

Get in there! What fantastic news 👏always like your witty banter, can't wait for some more hilarious comments, great to see you back on the forum, and thinking about the gift of life 🙏 take care my friend, best wishes 😊

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Zukosmile07 in reply to Cb1963

we all have our own ways to deal with our own horrible inflictions. We all relate with one or the other. (Sometimes all of them). I still can't believe I had cirrhosis last week and I haven't now. 😊

Hi there, been reading all you post eversince.. Im just 1 year older than you.. Im 34..Im so happy for you man, i wish you all the best with your new liver, cheers to that, (not with alcohol😂😂)

I can't describe it buddy. I woke up with my staples hurting a little bit. That's it.... Nothing else, I can't chuffin believe it.

Congratulations I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and life, wonderful post good luck 👍😃.Stay Safe All

Dogbot 🐶🌈

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Zukosmile07 in reply to Dogbot

Thanks snoopy. Nothing but love. X

I have been thinking about you and wondering how you are. Well now I know and I am so pleased for you wishing you a speedy recovery. You have made my day with your post. Take care x

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Zukosmile07 in reply to Bs1524

With help from encourage from you x

Fantastic news, take good care of yourself xx

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Zukosmile07 in reply to steckles

Thanks, not out of the woods just yet. Relief top trumps anxiety straight out of the window and watches it running down the street. X

Well done! That amazing feeling of waking up after the transplant is wonderful isn’t it, and as you say, thanks to that special person. Merry Christmas!


So positive xxx

X always

Congratulations on your transplant, here's to an uncomplicated recovery and welcome to the recycled parts club 💚

I'm in brilliant...😃

Really good news, really hope all continues to go well for you now, you sound like you have really been through enough of bad time 👍

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Zukosmile07 in reply to Ubwa

Going to write a book.. ha yeah right! 🤣

Great news, the first days of a new life

I have been there as you wake up after the transplant you just know you are better, my wife just said you are pink!

Once on the ward I was shopping for my mid life crisis car,

You can start to plan again


Thanks David. All I want for the moment is to smile. Maybe st Lucia. Bloody covid.

I've only been on here a month but you have shone out like a star and I am so happy for you. Onwards and upwards my friend 🤜🤛

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Zukosmile07 in reply to JackyAM

Well thank you. Everyday is a rollercoaster on hear though.I'm going to bugger off to Wales once better. Snatch some work hopefully spring time. X

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JackyAM in reply to Zukosmile07

Wales is beautiful -just watch out for those Welsh people!!! lol Take care xx

Woohoo, I've been following your posts and really happy that you're on the other end of a transplant. You deserve this to work out for you and I know your positive attitude has and is helping so many others along the way. Onwards and upwards!

Guessing how many times my hernia is going to pop in and out is what I will miss the most of. Hahahaha 🤣.I have to stop joking after today. Thanks for all the support x

So happy for you! I've been wondering how you were doing over there. Glad to hear you again. :)

Thank you x

So happy for you, check you 😃 X Wow , fantastic you are so up beat and positive, enjoy your new lease of life you've got this xx 🌻

Hello, I want to break out some moves if you know what I mean. Still a little sore. I'm overwhelmed on how much better you feel soon after the operation. Loving it 😆❤️

Aww that’s so emotional loving and hopeful post , keep well and god bless you ❤️🙏

Thanks buddy I hope everything is going well for you too. X

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