At last!

Dear All,

we were called in for a potential transplant yesterday and he has been operated on... He is in ITU and recovering slowly. Has some internal bleeding which is causing some worry...

A huge thank you for all your support just as we thought a transplant would never happen...

I say a special prayer for the donor and their family for this very special gift....


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  • Oh, congratulations Pear delighted for you both after such a long and worrying wait, a truly wonderful Christmas gift. Fingers crossed they get on top of this 'plumbing' issue and hubby recovers quickly and you can both start life afresh.

    We're obviously just spending our first Christmas on the list but we've enjoyed it and we too look forward to our 'Happy Ever After!'

    Love and best wishes to you both, Katie xxx

  • Congratulations to you all and once more to the brilliant teams of doctors and nurses who make it all possible. Brilliant news and best wishes for a speedy return to health. Mike

  • So pleased for you. Hope the complications are soon resolved and that you both have a healthy, happy and peaceful New Year. Liz x

  • Congratulations to both of you. Im sure everything will get sorted out soon and you will be back at home together soon. Keep thinking positive thoughts and stay strong. All the very best for 2015. X Ruth

  • How wonderful xx congratulations xxxxxxxxxx

  • Brilliant!

    What a Christmas present and hopefully you now have an extremely Happy New Year to look forward to.What wonderful news for you. Those still on the list waiting for the call, take heart.


  • Congrats... There are usually some complications...but sorted with excellent care and time. My first Xmas post transplant able to look forward...fantastic x x

  • Thank you all for your kind words...

    I cannot put into words how much I am in awe of the teams here at the Royal Free...

    He is in an induced coma, stable, kidney dialysis etc

    The liver is doing well but it is still a critical time...

    They have started him on the drugs which protect the liver...

    What is expected not expected has mostly come from the wonderful posts on this site, I would have been even more lost if I had not the knowledge shared by you all...

    Thank you


  • It is early days yet, don't worry. I too was on kidney dialysis & induced coma until late on day 2. Cant remember anything about my time in ICU but I do know that the staff are fantastic. Our thoughts are with you both, so happy that the best of Xmas presents was gifted at this special time. Its 4 mths since my op now & I feel great & am back at work. Still sorting drugs out as kidneys still playing up but I feel fine, just put a greenhouse up for wifey. Our prayers go out to all Donor families Love Bill & Linda

  • Good luck and best wishes and hope all goes well post transplant and a great big THANKS to all NHS staff and support workers who are working as usual over the Christmas period , true, selfless heroes !

  • Good luck and i hope your wonderful Christmas present turns into a wonderful start to the New Year.

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