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Drank again and again

Went doctor need more blood tests anyone find they get gastritis and tiolet issues with drinking ? Thanks 🙏

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Have you given up drinking yet? If you continue to drink you will have more to worry about than getting just gastritis and toilet issues !


Back on day two now

What you are talking about here is the physical effects of your situation. Before anything is done you really are going to need to look at the mental situation too.

You are drinking my friend for a reason. You need to understand why, this has now become an addiction for you and this addiction is killing your body. Your going to have to sort out both the mental and physical problems together. Stopping drinking without understand or resolving the reason WHY, may well be doomed to failure.

To try and treat the physical side of your health issues without resolving the mental aspect may well be a waste of time and money. Sadly it does happen when a person discovers that they have end stage liver disease, but keep on drinking.

Your body is sending out warning signals and telling you enough is enough. This may well be your wake up call, so please take heed.


True thanks I’m only 31 but Yeha don’t want get liver disease if don’t already thanks for your words hope you’re well!

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It's true I was on drugs drink the lot look after yourself as when you get the if u carry on from dr u no what he means ,I sound like a right old moaner belive me I'm not just trying to help out but think I'm not helping that much . X

Yes drink dependent for 25yrs had bad gastric bad bowels never blamed the drink till the blood was pumping out me mouth and the drink defiantly caused it while drinking and three yrs sober I'm lucky to be here to tell you that if your drinking still don't be me for as long as I could hold on believing my own lies . I'm not being horrible I just don't want anyone not knowing like me to no . Hope u ok xx


Thanks hope you’re receiving good vibes and are ok thanks

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Are u real

Excuse me ?

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Why what u done

I ment for real or am I having a bad day

The vibes I'm getting are get a grip and hold on

mmmm should I say the obvious, no I’m sure someone else will


What do you mean as I got adhd

I got ADHD dyspraxia dyslexia also

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Bully for u I'm not in mood had bad news

It doesn't matter that you're only 31 - you can still have liver disease!


Good point

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So since you posted 2 months ago you still haven't managed to give up? Are you not using a coucellor or support group?


No not yet

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Do me a favour and yourself stop

Do you think I was being horrible I wern't just. Trying to help

Hi faithful. No. There was nothing you'd written that was horrible xx

It may be the best way forward for you if you want to avoid liver disease like you say you do?


Yes in process thanks

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Ok are u to still in processess

I am indeed

Alcohol causes gastritis, pancreatitis, cirrhosis, inflammatory bowl disease tons of medical conditions. Alcohol in itself causes DNA change and mutation. It can destroy the lining of the stomach, which leads to chronic gastritis. Sometimes, your body will heal with succession from alcohol, sometimes the damage is too far gone. If they want more blood work, then something is probably high, AST and ALT. A GGT test is also very sensitive to alcoholic liver damage.


Loved your reply it's true some times I get but confused but was ok5657 bit confusing

Sorry might be wrong prob am but be care full everyone there's strange every where

Such is life

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This is a health forum not a place to argue yes I have given Up hope everyone is well and feeling ok with life as it’s hard enough without people trying to irate or whatever

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