Endoscopy AGAIN

So tomorrow I have another endoscopy, this is my 3rd in 8 weeks, I don't think there will be any banding this time, I don't feel like there will be anyway. I do however have 'Portal Gastropathy' this means that I have snake like skin in my stomach. It's a common cause of Cirrhosis of the Liver and Portal Hypertension.

I do worry about the damage they are causing with all these tubes being shoved down my throat...are they doing more harm than good?

So tomorrow could be band 30+ and will be my 12th Endoscopy (I think...) I wish for this call to come soon so I don't have to do this anymore - certainly gets to you after a while :-(

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  • Oh chelle I feel your pain they hurt don't they, and you think we would get used to them its when I start panicking and the nurse says oh they don't hurt and i reply you had one then and they say no classic. it really does get you down at least you can offload on this site to people who know what your going through. I hope you get your phone call soon good luck for tomorrow. Enjoy banana spray, 😬

  • Oh I don't have the banana spray; haven't for a long time; can't stand it...like really can't stand it!

    I don't find that they hurt unless they band a lot at the time of being there, I find it incredibly uncomfortable....but it's fine I know that come 1900 tomorrow night it will have all be done!

  • Best wishes chelle x really feel 4 u x

  • Thank you x

  • Good luck Chelle. Horrible isn't it.

    I sort of had a revelation one time when I was in hospital. I made a fuss about another biopsy because I've had some terrible experiences and ended up in a lot of pain before. So anyway some random consultant (not my usual) was doing the daily rounds and basically told me I was messing about, it wasn't going to look good on my record and they expected complete compliance if I was to get on the list. Probably didn't but he looked like he was getting a buzz out of telling me this.

    Anyway that did the trick for me, I was furious and just took anything that came at me. Not sure if that was his intention but from that point on I almost looked forward to proving what I was made of.

  • lol reverse phycology....flaming doctors! Pleased to say no banding today. My ulcer is clearing up Nicely too...

  • Hi Chelle,

    Really feel for you. I've only had a few over time, nothing compared to you (isn't that a song?) anyway, grit your teeth, so to speak, you can do this, I'm not ex forces myself but I've known plenty over the years and you guys are made of stern stuff. All the best. Take care.

  • We're only made of stern stuff when we are backed up with 500 opppos with guns in there hands...lol I have you lot which is almost the same!

  • Hi chelle... i am keeping everything crossed for you thst tomorrow will be your last .I have not had any banding yet as i have only started seeing my hepetologist in 9 yrs 🤔. I have had an endoscopy done after I refused 5 times to have it done. I detest them. Your a strong woman and I have every faith you will be fine. Good luck.hun x

  • You're fantastic. I had one years ago and was horrible experience. My liver doctor has asked me many time to do it because I have strong stomach pain but every time I delete the appointment. Wish I have your determination.

    Good luck.


  • lol I hope your doing ok x

  • Thank you.fingers crossed x

  • Your very welcome hun x hope all went ok today 🤞

  • Good luck hope it's your last x

  • Thank you x

  • Hi Chelle, Thinking of you today and amazed how many bandings you have had. Are you on a transplant list?

    I too have been found to have portal hypertensive gastropathy with it's snake like skin (quite pretty really!!) Fortunately haveI not have as many endoscopies as you (only 6 or 7) I think and so far no bandings at all.

  • It is quite pretty. And no banding I'm pleased to say today so relatively quick really. Back again in 6 months!

  • You are so upbeat Chelle! It brightens me up when I read your posts & replies. You are a total ray of sunshine my dear, despite everything xxxx

  • So no banding today....yay small mercies. I'm back in 6 months unless I've had my TX...then he just told me to cancel and enjoy my life....he was certain he wouldn't see me. Be nice if he could put a wager down on it...x

  • I'd put a bet on you any day lass x In your favour, of course x

  • Hi. I had a lot of banding pre transplant. It does leave some side effects but my understanding is that it's very much necessary to minimise the risk of internal bleeding which is potentially life threatening. Stay strong! Good luck. ps I presume you are on the transplant waiting list in which case there really is light at the end of the tunnel. Finally 15 months after mine I am so much better and stronger, its amazing

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