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Treatment going ahead for antibody mediated rejection!!


So lady’s and gents, some may remember my post a few weeks ago about being treated with a form of dialysis for antibody mediated rejection, the docs decided to send me home and watch how I go with my tacrolimus levels being high, this has caused a bit of damage to my kidneys and my bloods are much worse along with my bilirubin. So on the 7th they are admitting me to King’s for the treatment it’s pretty invasive, I’ll have a central line, and it basically clears all the antibodies in my body and then they put new plasma in my body with the hopes that my body and liver will stop fighting. I’m so scared as it’s only been done 3 times in 6 years at King’s and they said it didn’t work and I may go on to need a third liver transplant, I don’t know if I’m strong enough mentally to go through all that again. Sorry to write an essay x

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Hi littleleah86,

I don’t know if it’s the same thing but I had a treatment called plasmapheresis before I had my transplant and it sounds the same, so basically a large needle is put in one arm usually where they take blood from and blood is extracted and goes through this big machine where it is separated, the plasma which contains the antibodies is removed then the blood along with nice new plasma is replaced in the opposite arm via a small needle usually in the back of hand. I had this treatment once a fortnight for 2 years it’s not that bad once the needles are in it’s just boring as it takes about 4/5 hrs. I’m happy to answer any questions you may have, take care 🌸🌸

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Aww Thankyou that sounds like what they want to do. It doesn’t seem as scary now others have told their positive story’s so Thankyou x


I hope it all goes well. Fingers crossed that it works and you don’t require tx number 3.

Isabelle xx

I had the treatment about a 6 weeks ago and a biopsy. Got my results on Thursday and things seem to be improving I’m so glad. I’m bk to clinic in 6 weeks and will have a fibroscan, Iv never had or heard about one of these before. What does it do? What does it entail xx

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